Branded Video Content isn’t about overtly selling – it’s about humanising your business. 

It connects people emotionally and builds trust.

Branded video content is perfect for homepages – they get to see you, where you work, and what you offer. All within seconds of landing on your website.


The high-end video is telling them you are a professional, quality organisation, and you are making them feel exactly how you want them to feel – you’re creative, compassionate, professional, knowledgeable, whatever that may be.


All this in less than a minute is an incredibly powerful tool.

79% pof people say a brand's video has convinced them to buy a piece of software or app

your values,
your ethos,
your work.

We work with you to help tell your story.

What you represent, what you stand for, your work ethic, how you want people to feel about you and what you offer. Perhaps there a personal story on why you set up your business? Or a political, ethical, moral message driving you?


Is the story of designing and testing it particularly interesting? Or even just seeing the process of how you bring your product to market, or work with your clients – what is your story that distils who you are and what you stand for? This is brand video.


Read these 10 ideas for brand videos to get inspired.