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Case Study: creating an animated explainer video for paramount timber's services

How can you explain your company’s services and solutions in an engaging and memorable way? In this case study, we explore how construction company Paramount Timber faced this dilemma by working with Blueprint Film to produce an animated explainer video. Scroll down to read about their company, the challenge they faced, the production process, and their reaction to the final video.

1. The Story of paramount timber

logo still from paramount timber video

Paramount Timber Group is a company that specialises in timber frame construction. Based in Kent, they are the UK’s leading manufacturers of timber frames and engineered timber products for construction.


Their mission is to accelerate the UK’s house building transformation to zero carbon emissions, by developing quality homes with sustainable products. Hence their slogan, ‘Building for Tomorrow‘. Paramount conducts this mission per its five core values: commitment, integrity, loyalty, optimism and reliability.

2. The challenge of explaining your services

paramount timber animated video still person

Before working with us, Paramount Timber did not have any explainer videos for their business. This meant potential customers/clients did not have a clear and engaging way to learn about what Paramount Timber does and the solutions they offer. Since the services Paramount offers can be complex for new clients to understand, the absence of explainer material was putting them at a disadvantage.


So it became Paramount’s objective to explain the process and the benefits of timber frame construction in an engaging way. Through this, they wanted potential customers to gain a better understanding of timber frame construction, and thus feel encouraged to make an enquiry.

paramount timber animated video still house

3. professional video as a solution for paramount timber

Before the project, Paramount Timber was already working with Evoke Media, a Kent-based marketing agency. So it was Evoke Media who approached us on behalf of Paramount Timber. After seeing the stop-motion LEGO videos we made for Barratt Homes and NHBC, they decided they wanted a similar animated-style explainer. However, instead of LEGO, they wanted a creative style of animation that applies to timber construction.

With this initial brief, we started by brainstorming ways to create an animation style that fitted the company, while not feeling too cartoonish. The Blueprint Film pitched a few ideas and created a mock-up of a wood-burn style video. Once this style was agreed upon, Evoke came to us with a rough script. We fleshed this out and outlined the animations, then started creating the video.


How did the animation process go? Our animation team began with simple character assets. Then we turned these into black and white line drawings and used After Effects to create the wood-burn style.

Video showing how we created the burnt wood effect in After Effects.

4. results, impact & future plans

By the end of the project, Paramount Timber received an animated explainer film that uses a wood burn look for a more unique, realistic feel compared to usual cartoon-style animation. This met their original brief to make a classy-looking animation that still felt fresh and appealing. It was able to explain the process and benefits of their business clearly and efficiently. At the same time, the video reflects the company personality and brand.


Both Evoke Media and Paramount Timber Group were pleased with the final video:

“It went down a storm. The client was so happy and can’t wait to get started on the next one… Can’t thank you enough for being so flexible and producing such an awesome video. It was a pleasure to work with you.”
Quote from Evoke Media

In the future, Blueprint Film will be creating more animated videos (as well as hopefully some in-person shoots) with Evoke Media and Paramount Timber.


Gemma Laws

Gemma joined the Blueprint Film team in 2021 as our marketing coordinator. She takes care of our social media, email marketing and advertising campaigns. Her strengths lie in following trends, conducting research and writing compelling copy.

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