how nella cuts sells their services with brand video

Nella Cutlery Services: showcasing your company with brand video

How can you reach new clients whilst also upselling to existing clients?


With this exact goal in mind, Nella Cutlery Services commissioned Blueprint Film’s video production services to create a brand film suited to them. It was a process that resulted in a sharp and effective short video that they could use on their website and across social media to promote their brand.


Read on to learn about Nella Cutlery Service’s experiences with hiring Blueprint Film to produce  tailor-made professional video content.

1. The Story of Nella Cutlery Services

Nella Cutlery Services logo

Nella Cutlery Services is a family-owned business that has operated for over a century. Today, they are the UK’s leading and longest-established knife-sharpening company.


Nella works to serve various catering businesses in London and the rest of the UK as well as in parts of Europe. At the heart of their business is their door-to-door knife-sharpening service. Nella also provides chopping board resurfacing and other tools and equipment services to the food industry. Above all, Nella Cutlery Services has a reputation for providing a professional and reliable service that continues to satisfy customers.

2. The challenge facing nella

Still from Nella Video

What prompted Nella to look to professional video content? Well, Nella’s aim was one familiar to many businesses. They wanted to find a way to boost brand awareness to generate new clients, while also upselling additional services to their existing clients. On top of this, they particularly wanted to highlight the scale, service and dedication of their workforce.

Nella Cutlery Services van outside building

3. professional video as a solution for nella

Facing this challenge, what brought Nella Cutlery Services into contact with Blueprint Film’s video production services? Their team learned about us from a BNI connection through their social media provider, and initial discussions soon began.
After taking the time to learn more about their company, together we began to draw up a video content strategy informed by Nella’s needs and goals. From there, ideas started flowing. The format of a brand film soon emerged as best fit for Nella’s objectives.
Employee cleaning knife

How did we approach this? Nella expressed to us that it was crucial for potential customers would fully grasp their range of services. Therefore, we filmed the different processes behind their work at their Kent-based headquarters – from knife-sharpening by hand to chopping board refurbishment, dispatch, and all the service provisions they offer to their clients.


Next, we went on the road with one of Nella’s drivers. What did accompanying them like this accomplish? Nella let us witness first-hand the importance of their customers, the integration and the friendly, personal nature of their business operations.


Capturing the real businesses and clients they serve was important to Nella. So we shot the hand-over of the old knives, the delivery of the new ones, and their knives in action – demonstrating their sharpness. By focusing on real business interactions, these scenes served as authentic social proof of their services’ quality from existing clients.

4. results, impact & future plans

From working with Blueprint Film, Nella Cutlery Services ended up with a single brand film that showcased their entire process. At the same time, it also established the brand, scale and experience of the company. All in under two minutes of video.


Nella was then able to put the video up on their website homepage and share it across their social media channels. We also took high-quality still images from the video for Nella to use for design and marketing materials for any platform of their choosing.

Gif of video on Nella Cutlery Services website
GIF of video on the Nella Cutlery Services homepage.

What will be next for Nella Cutlery Services and Blueprint Film? The Blueprint Film team is looking forward to working with Nella again on a future film that will show the heritage of the company (dating back 120+ years) for their brand new website.


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