The National House Building Council (NHBC) approached us to help[ tackle the national shortage of young people entering the house building trade in the UK.

They wanted to promote a career in the industry to 15-16 year olds who were deciding on potential jobs and further education. One of the main aim was to promote the vast array of career opportunities within the sector and remove the long held perception that house building just involved trades such as bricklaying.


Our approach to the production was to use the concept of ‘everyone love to build’ as the starting point. From there we looked to the universal appeal of LEGO and created a concept of using LEGO characters and scenarios to build a world of industry careers where viewers could really get a sense of the scale of opportunities out there, all within an engaging and amusing set up.

The film uses stop motion scenes of LEGO figures in daily working scenes across different sectors which is bookended with real life scenes using drone footage of a new bird housing estate. 

All of the stop motion animation was produced in house – aided by LEGO Master builder Gary Davis


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