Standardise your training and explainers with film content, giving you unlimited reach. Film, animation, infographics, supporting text, quotes and music are all excellent tools to help better educate and inform your partners and customers.


People don’t want to read endless text. 75% of customers say they watched an explainer before purchasing. They can explain products, services and concepts, however complex, in a clear, easily digestible way.


Explain HOW things works, WHY things work the way do, and WHAT BENEFITS they give. All within your brand personality.


They are an excellent sales conversion tool for customers who want to know more, and post-sales tool for quality customer care.


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96% of people say they've watched an explainer video to learn about a product or service

“Education is the most powerful weapon”

- Nelson Mandela


Video training has many benefits on top of them being more engaging, and the information more memorable with higher callback with viewers. They’re also cheaper – higher initial cost, but the training can be viewed by as many people as you need.


It’s also far more accessible with increased usability. It can still be used in in-person training, but can also be made available online – whenever and wherever is convenient for the trainees.


Finally, it’s easy to update – new information? Just re-record the new aspects and incorporate them into the current film.


These are just a few reasons to move your training to video. Contact us to learn more.


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