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Taxi for Email wanted to radically reduce the time their sales and support staff spent each day on calls to potential customers explaining how their email design and management software could benefit their respective businesses. 


They had highlighted 2 of their biggest customers who were using the software to improve their email workflow and wanted us to use their stories to sell the product to new customers through the production of a promotional film. 


We filmed testimonial interviews with the two customers initially with the intention to take a few key messages that the sales team at Taxi was keen to communicate further and frame it from the customer to better deliver that message. 


During the interviews, it became clear that the customers had found the software had transformed their working practice even more profoundly than the client had ever fully understood. Their testimonial interviews brought to life benefits the sales team hadn’t realised and therefore we were able to take these aspects further and deliver a film that provided a much deeper and genuine sales tool than was ever initially planned. 


Being able to adapt to the situation presented to us during the production and edit accordingly allowed us to produce content that went beyond the initial brief and prove an even more effective sales asset to the client. 

still from testimonial video for Taxi For Email