case studies.


Testimonials are trusted. Videos are the most effective form of marketing. Combined they create the most powerful marketing tool available.

There is nothing more powerful and persuasive than your customers selling you and your product. For any business.


Testimonial and case study film allow viewers to not just have a sense of how great you and your product are, but really see and feel the benefits to your customers – working with you, using your product, the business and personal advantages.

We retain 10x more information from video than text-only content



tells its own story.

Who is your customer, what industry do they work in, what it’s like to work with you, and what problems or needs can your product help them overcome or fulfill?


Testimonials do so much work in such a short space of time.  Not to mention they’re authentic and trustworthy.


Testimonials also work with any business. We’ve produced testimonial videos for large charities, hearing from their beneficiaries; clients of B2B software companies and new-to-market products, case studies of projects funded by a range of providers from The National Lottery to the Unlimited Fund.


In other words, there is no business that wouldn’t see the benefits of video testimonials.