Film is an empathy machine

- Rodger Ebert

Organisation overviews, Beneficiary Stories, and Fundraising Campaigns can all be used to engage, educate, and activate your audiences philanthropic nature.

The best way to connect people with your cause is through empathy, and there is no more effective tool than video – the combination of strong images, strong messages, music, and  storytelling can produce an incredibly powerful film to engage your viewers, and, importantly, take action.


Video also allows you to embed facts, quotes and stats in a more natural effective way than through text.

Millennials are more likely to donate and more likely to watch videos

Video adds legitimacy and builds trust, vital when you want viewers to care, or even take action, such as make cash donations.


Not only is it more impactful, but it also has far bigger reach; it can be used for internal comms, marketing, screened at events, shared on social – the potential to introduce your charity to a bigger audience is massive.

We recently made a film for Elenor Hospice – a end of year Memorial video, this is usually done in person, but due to COVID they made a film and released it live; the video reached far more people, is now legacy content for them, and also helped them received a substantial amount more donations than typical. Online videos will now be part of their fundraising moving forward.