5 best types of video for manufacturing

5 Video Types That Get Results For Manufacturing Companies

Professional video content is an effective way for manufacturing companies to promote their products, process and brand. When it comes to the type of videos to use for marketing, industrial and manufacturing companies have a lot of choice. In this article, we cover why manufacturing companies are investing in video marketing, and reveal the 5 best types of video content for manufacturing and industrial marketing.


For a better idea of the potential of manufacturing video content, check out our 2021 Manufacturing Video Showreel:


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Giving tours of your factory/facilities can be difficult because of social distancing measures, risks/regulations, health and safety, time constraints and the location of potential visitors. At the same time, photographs alone are not enough to get a true sense of a place. 


Fortunately, video tours provide an easy way to get around this. They allow viewers to see your factory’s size, conditions, and available services  Virtual tours also give you the chance to highlight any special equipment or capabilities present on site.

video still showing drone footage of the Nella Cutlery Services headquarters
Still image from the Nella Cutlery Services Brand Video, showing drone footage of the company headquarters.

If you’ve (literally) got a lot of ground to cover, take your content to the next level with drone video. By using drones to film parts of your tour, viewers get to take in the true scope of your company’s operations.


Another idea is to create a time-lapse to show off an entire day of work at your facility. (Of course, you’ll need to let everyone on-site know when you are filming.)


Buyers like to have a clear idea of what they are buying. That includes a product’s features, quality, benefits, and how it can be used. Because they are so popular with potential buyers, video product demonstrations are an effective video type for manufacturers.


Manufacturing video demos are similar to in-person demos, with the added benefit of being able to reach a much larger audience. Not to mention that audience can go back and rewatch the demo whenever they want.


Alongside product demos, manufacturing companies can also create demos for impressive pieces of equipment, or to show how your products get made. This can make for great educational (and even entertainment) content. Have you ever seen the documentary TV show ‘How It’s Made’? It shows how common, everyday items (such as food, stationery and industrial products) are manufactured. The format is so effective that the show has now been running for over 20 years.

Piece of machinery

3. 'ABOUT US'/brand VIDEO

If you are going to have one video for your company, an ‘about us’ or brand video might be the most important one to have. A brand video can help your company to build brand awareness and make a strong and lasting impression on potential customers/clients.


There is more than one direction for manufacturing companies to take with an ‘about us’ or brand video. You might want to focus on your brand personality, or the history of your company. Alternatively, you can show interviews with company employees and management to add human faces to your company.

Last year, Blueprint Film produced a brand film for Total Machining Solutions. During the production process, we decided to focus the film on various aspects of their work, including their processes, attention to detail and accolades. At the same time, featuring the people behind the work helped to humanise the company. 

4. manufacturing testimonial video

still from testimonial video for Taxi For Email

Have you got an existing base of customers/clients willing to tell other people about your company?


Online, it can be difficult for people to trust the authenticity of a random quote or review for a product, service or company. So if you want people to believe in the quality of what you do, the best option is to create video testimonials. Not only do viewers get to put a human face to a testimonial, but they can also better feel the enthusiasm of your existing customers/clients.


The first step is to ask around and find out which of your existing customers/clients would be comfortable appearing in a testimonial video. For more on this, read our step-by-step guide to creating compelling testimonial videos.


Once you have got your finished testimonial video, be sure to include it on your website and feature it in marketing campaigns.

5. manufacturing explainer video

man looking at machinery

The industrial work that your manufacturing company is involved in might be tricky to explain to your audience. Explainer videos can help people to better understand what you do while also showcasing your company’s expertise.


The format of your manufacturing explainer video is up to you. Animated explainers are a popular choice for breaking down complex industry concepts and topics. Another option is to have actual engineers and employees on camera doing the explaining, intermittently cutting to B-roll footage of the process.


Your explainer video can then be added to your website and shown in presentations.

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