felcana seedrs campaign

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Felcana is a fast-growing technology provider in the pet market. Their range of tracking devices and software allows owners to monitor their pets’ behaviour to predict possible medical conditions and signpost better healthcare.


As part of their campaign on Seedrs, they wanted to keep investors updated on their product roadmap, market potential and confirmed partners. So they commissioned us to create a product crowdfunding film.


The audience for the Felcana Seedrs film would be supporters ready to invest significant sums of money in the company. So clear information and simple delivery of key stats were of paramount importance.


The key deliverable for this content from our view was ensuring that we instilled confidence from the viewer in the company and the people behind it.


To achieve this, we ensured a relaxed approach to the interviews. So we filmed staff interacting with pets and working around their office.


Also, we refined the scripting to be conversational and not overly ‘pitchy.’ Again, this was to imbue a confident and assured nature to the customer.


Finally, infographics were used to allow key information and investment data to be communicated efficiently and explicitly to the potential investors.

talking head still from felcana video

"Blueprint Film perfectly encapsulated the lifestyle of our customers... We couldn't have asked for a better way to showcase our range around the world"