5 benefits of case study video content

5 ways companies are benefitting from case study videos

How can you persuade potential customers to engage with your company, understand the benefits of your product/service and feel confident enough to make a purchase?


Case study and testimonial videos market your brand, product or service using the real-life experiences of existing customers/clients with your company. As a result, they offer viewers unique and authentic insights into what your company can do for them.


At Blueprint Film, we have more than a decade of experience in producing case study and testimonial videos for an array of clients, and have witnessed their effectiveness first-hand.


Interested in what results your company can achieve from case study videos? In this article, you’ll learn what a case study video is, as well as the 5 key benefits that case study videos have to offer you.


A case study video is a video that uses a specific past project or scenario to outline a company’s effectiveness in satisfying clients and meeting their needs.


A case study video tends to be either a testimonial or a story-driven case study:

  • Testimonial case studies: focus on one (or more) client/customer giving a testimonial about their positive experiences with your company.
  • Story-driven case studies: use a positive customer/client experience and presents it in an engaging and authentic narrative for your audience to consume.
Still image of man speaking in a testimonial video for the National Lottery Community Fund

Making the case for case study video:

1. CASE STUDY VIDEOS Convey Authenticity & Build Trust

In marketing, there is no doubting the power of social proof and word of mouth. 70% of people trust the opinions of other consumers posted online.


At the same time, high-quality video content is a great way to inspire your target audience to have confidence in your brand or organisation. According to Biteable, 50% of marketers say that video helps them build trust with potential customers.


By combining the power of social proof with the power of video, case study videos go beyond traditional text-based reviews, case studies and testimonials to provide the most authentic and trustworthy messaging for your audience.

2. Use the power of storytelling

Storytelling is an incredibly valuable marketing medium. It’s engaging, memorable, and appeals to our human emotions. How do case study videos fit into this?


Case study videos tap into storytelling by conveying a positive experience that a customer/client (that your audience can relate to) has had with your company. They tend to use the simple structure of 1) introducing the client, 2) outlining the problem, 3) explaining how your company helped them solve it, and 4) detailing the end result for the client.

We applied this storytelling structure to the testimonial film we produced for Meritum Cloud:

    1. Client: PRS Recruitment – UK-based recruitment agency with four office locations, supports a range of clients.
    2. Problem: intense recruitment process, pressure to automate, need to get into the Cloud.
    3. Solution: building a partnership with Meritum Cloud for a portable and secure solution, able to create a completely cloud-based environment.
    4. Results: “We’re ready now for the changes that are going to come into the industry over the next two to five years.”

3. case study video is Versatile

Another benefit of case study videos is that they can work well for any sector and platform. We have produced case study videos for the charity, construction, and software & technology sectors. Furthermore, you can share and repurpose case study videos for a range of platforms and purposes, including: 

  • Various social media platforms (Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc).
  • Website homepage/landing pages.
  • Testimonial/case study section of your website.
  • Online video advertisement campaigns.
  • Email marketing campaigns.

4. Show your product/service in context

In testimonial and case study videos, the focus is on the customer. But that does not mean you cannot highlight your product or service. Rather, the customer’s narrative can allow you to present your product/service and its benefits in a relatable, real-world context.

Take a look at the testimonial film we produced for Taxi For Email. In the video, we use visual cutaways/b-roll (footage that supports what is being discussed) to showcase their email marketing campaign solution and how it can be used. Meanwhile, the testimonials provided by the two featured clients address key benefits such as ease of use, flexibility and helping users to save time.

5. case study videos get sales & conversions

talking head still from felcana video

Is there anything more persuasive than your customers selling you and your product/service?


Case studies are particularly effective for the consideration and evaluation stage of the buyer’s journey. In fact, 73% of B2B buyers rely on case studies to make purchasing decisions. Also, according to Wyzowl, 2/3rds of people say they’d be more likely to make a purchase after watching a testimonial video that demonstrates how a business, product or service had helped another person like them.


Clearly, providing case study videos to potential customers/clients is an effective way to secure more sales and conversions for your business.

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