lifestyle video 6 uses for your company

Lifestyle Video: 6 Uses to Benefit Your Company

How can you best spark desire and appeal to the customer demographic that your company is trying to reach?


Lifestyle video focuses on the ‘lifestyle’ and emotions behind your product, service or brand. It takes on questions such as: who are the people using your product/service? How does using it make them feel? What kind of lifestyle does your product/service establish or align with?


Are you curious about what lifestyle videos can do for your business? Watch our lifestyle video showreel below, and read on to learn the 6 key uses for lifestyle video that can benefit your company.

benefits of lifestyle video

1. appeal to a specific demographic or subculture.

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One of the most compelling features of a lifestyle video is the appeal to that of a specific demographic or (sub)culture. For example, a video campaign might use a fitness blogger to target young fitness enthusiasts and promote a new Yoga app. Even if you’re not strictly a lifestyle company/brand, the approach used in lifestyle videos to appeal to a specific group can come in handy. Perhaps your target audience is young parents. A lifestyle video can help them visualise how your product/service can fit into their way of life, encouraging them to further consider your company’s offerings.


A lifestyle video can hone in/target an audience’s…

  • Hobbies & interests
  • Favourite influencers
  • Political beliefs
  • Age group
  • Job and working life
  • Desired lifestyle
  • Self-perception
  • Ideal self
  • Demographic make-up

2. Show your product in action.

Sure, lifestyle videos tend to focus more on the customer than the product itself. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be a compelling way to sell your product to viewers. The key here is to not be overly sales-y or focus too much on the product’s features. Rather, lifestyle video can suggest how your product naturally fits into people’s current or desired lifestyle.

Take a look at the lifestyle film we produced for Chesneys and their product, the Clean Burn XL. The video does not throw loads of information at the viewer about the new product. Instead, we chose to simply show the Clean Burn XL being put in action by people in several scenarios. All of these scenarios relate to a relaxed, warm lifestyle surrounded by friends and family.

3. offer content that educates & informs.

Lifestyle content should not be overly sales-y. Another way to appeal to the lifestyle of your audience is through offering educational content that aligns with their interests and needs.


As an example. cosmetic companies frequently post make-up tutorials to walk viewers through how to achieve a specific desired look using their products. Alongside giving a close-up look at your products, this demonstrates an awareness of what your target audience is looking for. And it makes your company valuable to them beyond what you sell.

4. Reinforce your message with stunning locations, visuals & music.

A massive part of what makes video so powerful is how it engages multiple senses. With lifestyle, it’s not just the subject and content of the video that makes it so effective. It’s also the settings, visuals and music.

Watch the above lifestyle film we created for Starpoint Outdoor Solutions and their outdoor pod. Note how we used a picturesque yet relatable setting (a back garden), an upbeat music track and various high-definition close-ups and full-body shots. When all of these elements are combined, it creates a sense of quality, luxury and joy.

5. Combine lifestyle video with customer testimonials.

Lifestyle and testimonial marketing is a powerful combination. When you use features of lifestyle video in a testimonial video, you get a case study that goes beyond a few short quotes about your product’s features. Here, the idea is to pay attention to the lifestyle of the person providing the testimonial – who should be representative of your target audience. This shows consumers that you are interested in their lives as individuals. It also allows consumers to further put themselves in the shoes of the testimonial subject.


On top of reflecting your consumer’s lifestyles, lifestyle video is also effective at communicating the lifestyle and culture of your company and employees. For one, this can humanise your company to your target audience. But primarily, this format is a perfect fit for recruitment campaigns. Potential recruits will appreciate getting a clear look and feel of your work environment. And when potential recruits have a strong idea of the company culture, it makes it more likely that the right people will apply.

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