lighthouse drone video still


Towards the beginning of 2020, we took our drone on a road trip of sorts, down Britain’s southwest coast. We can finally share some of the footage we captured in our new cinematic lighthouse drone showreel. 


The mission was simple: capture various lighthouses are dusk and dawn when their lights are best visible. We stopped at a total of 9 different lighthouses, spread across the coast of Devon and Cornwall. The shoot took 2 weeks in total, thanks in part to that good old fashioned British weather we all know and love!


The project was commissioned by Trinity House, who manage and maintain all of the lighthouses we stopped at (just a handful of the hundreds they operate up and down the country). The footage we captured was part of a new sweep of coverage they wanted for their various lighthouses. You can find stills from the shoot on their website.


We wanted to present some of the footage in our own way. So we put together a cinematic lighthouse drone showreel. Filled with all of our favourite shots from across the trip; the final result can be viewed below. We recommend watching it in fullscreen, with headphones on…

Previously, we’d shot all of our drone content using the DJI Mavic Pro. And it had been a great little thing for what we’ve needed. But this year, we decided to upgrade our drone DJI’s higher-end model, the Inspire 2. These lighthouse shoots were actually our first time taking it for a spin!


One of the biggest challenges on these shoots was capturing the best shots possible at low light hours of the day. The window between having enough natural light to capture shots as well as being close enough to darkness to see the light in each lighthouse was very narrow. Luckily, the Inspire 2 was an absolute blast to shoot with. The extra control compared to our previous, lower-end model was fantastic. And the customizability of the lens and camera on the Inspire 2 system meant we could capture low light images with our preferred lenses. We have to say, we’re really thrilled with the footage we ended up capturing!


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