Over many different projects, our drone has seen its fair share of awesome locations. From the beautiful mountains of Val Di Fassa, Italy, to the warm horizons of Texas. Well, now it’s time to fly a little closer to home. Back in 2018, we took the drone out for a spin over the ports of Southampton. A shipping port in the UK (where, let’s face it, our weather isn’t quite as picturesque as Italy or Texas at the best of times) might not seem like the most cinematic of shoot locations… but it just goes to show: everything looks epic through the lens of a drone. we’re pleased to present our Southampton, UK, drone showreel!

As with our previous reels, we shot this with our trusty Mavic Pro. These are some of our favourite shots from the trip. We’ve used a cinematic LUT on the footage here to compliment the vastness of the setting. There’s something really satisfying and filmic about the industrial feel of the port, with the lines of shipping containers and movement of cranes, ships and cars. 

Check it out down below! As with our previous reel, we’ve also included some aerial stills from the location down below. keep your eyes peeled for future drone showreels from the various other locations we’ve had the pleasure of shooting in…

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