Last year, we journeyed over to the stunning Val Di Fassa ski resort and mountain range in Italy. The purpose of the trip was to document and shoot various pieces around the ski lodges on site. You’ll know from some of our previous Amazing Film picks that we love a good drone showreel. So naturally, we took our trusty drone along for the ride, where we took to the skies to capture the gorgeous mountains and landscapes in all their beauty. 

Shot with a DJI Mavic Pro, our drone showreel below shows off some of our favourite aerial shots from our time in Italy. We used a cinematic score to set the mood, along with an atmospheric LUT, which we hope helps to bring out just how breathtaking the valley was in person!


Check it out down below, as well as a gallery of some other stills from our drone! And be sure to watch this space from more short drone showreels from loads of other locations we’ve had the privilege to shoot in!

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