When we’re talking about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) we naturally always assume it’s just Google that we have to worry about regarding your webpage ranking. To some extent that is true as it does control 65 percent of online searches. However, Youtube can be very beneficial if you’re wanting to reach a wider audience. You may think of Youtube as just a video viewing site, but actually it does contain search engine functions just like Google.

In fact, YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world behind Google, even more of a reason why you should introduce video marketing into your business. If you correctly use the tools available on Youtube for video optimisation this will, if done effectively, get your Youtube videos to rank higher in Google searches, amazing right? Google always looks out for it’s mate Youtube.

Here is some advice on Youtube videos

1. The Right Video Content  

In order to appeal to the audience of Youtube, you need to strategically plan what specific topic area you’re targeting. Essentially Youtuber’s want to learn a new skill, solve a problem or just be entertained. Niche is king, try not to make your content too diverse and stick to a particular area. Youtube also loves authority, by regularly uploading the same video topic over a number of years, you are much more likely to rank higher in related search terms, as it shows you’re a specialist and consistent Youtube user. By making your video as personable as possible, the content will feel as though you not just trying to force a sale, 49 percent of people respond negatively to videos if they feel as though it’s  a pushy advertisement.

Video quality is also key, producing a blurry video means nobody will watch your content and click off it immediately, and definitely not share it.  It is just as important to make people stay on your video and watch it all the way through, than just clicking on it then turning the video off straight away. Youtube will register how long people stay on your video for, and if they don’t watch your video for very long it will rank lower on the search page.

2. The Art of Good Titles And Tags 

Firstly, when tagging your video it’s important to tag for humans, and not robots. If you don’t write in a personalised style Youtube will notice, and penalise you for this. You need to research relevant keywords that are associated with your video content. It helps to check out your competitors and the keywords which they use to give you some useful ideas. By adding a video transcript this will increase search traffic, 6.26% of all unique visitors who came from search traffic landed on a transcript page.

One study by Liveclicker compared 37 web pages before and after adding transcripts. Pages with transcripts earned on average 16% more revenue than they did before transcripts were added. Captioning your video is vital, captions increase video views by 12%, compared to videos that aren’t captioned. Also, make sure you’re adding closed captions and don’t use Youtube automatic captions, as stated before being personable with the words you use is key.

3. Why Youtube?  

YouTube is now the 2nd largest search engine in the world—even more of a reason to put video marketing into play at your business! As Google owns Youtube, they will always be linked together and have each others backs when it comes to page ranking. You are 53 times more likely to end up on the first page of Google results if you utilise a video on your company website. By embedding a Youtube video on your website, you are improving your SEO, and thus your ranking!

YouTube overall, and even YouTube on mobile, reaches more 18-34 and 18-49 year-olds than any television network in the world. Alongside that you can also translate your videos on Youtube to over 75 different languages. (Covering 95% of the population.)

If you’re just starting to incorporate video into your marketing strategy, then you should just remember how vital Youtube is to attract that wider audience and they will be able to view your video anywhere in the world. Also embedding your Youtube video onto your company homepage helps with your SEO massively, if you have recently made a marketing video then it should be number one on your list to now publish, share it and set up your company Youtube channel. Times have changed, Youtube is not just for watching funny cat videos anymore! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions at all!

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