February is a pretty excellent month

February is the last month of Winter.

February is home to Shrove Tuesday.

February is the month to bid goodbye to sad January promises and embrace a ‘Got to Eat to Heat’ mantra.

In summary, it’s still bone-chillingly cold, you’re allowed to pick up the fork and Pancake Day is approaching .


February. More like Fabruary.*

In Blueprint: Film related news,

We’re on the cusp of launching two new exciting streams of Blueprint which will operate from our London office, details are yet to be confirmed, but as a part of the development stage we’ve been squabbling over brand names and design. We understand the importance of getting the name and design just right… Unlike Catholic Church’s Archdiocesan Youth Commission….



We’ve been working with Shooting Fish in Lincoln to create an audio and sound scape for their Literacy project, which addresses the low literacy levels amongst Gainsborough residents and the lack of provision for the production of local, high-quality, new writing work by creating a new play.


A major event for the country this year will be the Magna Carta 800th Anniversary, and one that is particularly important to Lincoln residents, we’re contributing to events that will occur in Lincoln and are really excited to celebrate such a momentous occasion.




Darren’s been continuing his work with Into Film, working with regional Film Clubs to create short films as a part of their See It Make It project (Boston College, Haven High Academy, Spalding High and West Walton Community Primary School); this week he settled some rather lively disputes about boys vs girls.

He’s also been busy volunteering/researching with the Alzheimers Society in Tower Hamlets, giving a helping hand to the fantastic carers and learning some vital information for our new production.


Recently, we’ve been producing video content for charities covering a wide range of issues from homelessness to inspiring young people to be active in their local community; check out our video for One Me. As a part of this process, we’ve also been watching a lot of videos that Charities produce; The Tie, from Maverick TV and Impetus PEF caught our attention.


Photo Of The Week :

Methane gas bubbles underneath Vermillion Lakes in Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada. Normally the bubbles would break the surface but in low temperatures they freeze. Found on The Guardian


Something else that caught our attention this week was the news that the first 4D cinema in the UK has been completed in the cultural centre of the country; Milton Keynes; with over 150 4D cinemas in over 30 countries, it’s about time that UK had it’s own. Sure, it’s gimmicky, but having my chair thrust about with water splashing sporadically into my face is my idea of a good time.



*disclaimer: the writer of this particular piece finished a packet of hobnobs by herself in the dark and lonely confines of the office and suffered a severe and ultimately painful sugar rush that rendered her incapable of conducting this Round-Up in a balanced manner, instead she adopted the writing style of a teen agony aunt. Huzzah.

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