A new face!

Blueprint have welcomed a new team member! Mikaela is a recent graduate from Lincoln University’s Media Production course and specialised in Video Production and Filmmaking. She will be working predominantly out of our office in Lincoln, but is spending her first two weeks here in London at The Pill Box in Bethnal Green. She started Monday and it’s been a great week so far, plus it’s glorious weather which has meant she isn’t braving rush hour tubes; a terrifying feat for anyone new to London.

This is the most relevant and least ridiculous photo of herself that she could find;


What We’re Working On

This week it’s been a little bit of everything down here in London. Obviously we’ve been training up our newest member, who is adding the finishing touches to the INTO FILM project edit. It’s been a really fun project that we’ve loved working on, and we’re really looking forward to the red carpet event soon!

Mikaela has also been taking over our Social Media pages, (if you aren’t already, make sure you’re following us on twitter for daily updates, industry news and cute pictures of pugs -@blueprintfilm) and getting involved with the Japan Festival we’re organising in Lincoln this year, following its great success in previous years! Keep your eyes peeled for more information and updates on that, it’s going to be a great week full of activities for all ages and we have plenty of announcements coming soon!

Chris has been working on a great design project in collaboration with the Lincolnshire Co-op and Lincoln County Council this week. We’ve been commissioned to produce ten flags to be displayed in Lincoln Castle throughout this summers celebrations for the 800th anniversary of the sealing of the Magna Carta. Chris went out to different communities across Lincolnshire to get an idea of how they wanted the flags to represent their communities. Look out for the designs in Lincoln Castle this summer.

Up In Lincoln David had a few days of Live-Streaming Sports events- one of the newer services that we offer at Blueprint: Film- and then a week off to enjoy the sun! His week has been jam-packed with relaxing, cinema-going and enjoying the classic British garden BBQ.

Other Office Happenings!

Today also marks the launch of Apple’s latest venture, the Apple Watch (we’re sure you’ve heard). As true Apple geeks, Darren and Chris both pre-ordered their’s long ago so we’ve had a new gadget to play with in the office today! -Sadly for Chris, only Darren has received his watch on launch day; this is the price you pay for hesitation when it comes to Apple products!

Next week is also Chris’ Birthday, Mikaela made the mistake of mentioning she was a bit of a self-proclaimed foodie (she has a food blog ‘n everything -see below) so she’s been drafted in for birthday cake and sweet treat duties. We’re excited to see what she comes up with, whatever it it, bringing baked goods is a sure fire way to win brownie points in this office -see what we did there?

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 16.04.39

What We’ve Watched

The Drop (Mikaela)
I caught ‘The Drop’ at the Roxy Bar & Screen in Borough this week, it’s a cute -if somewhat dingy little cinema with a bar and restaurant attached. Where trying to eat fish & chips in a dark room whilst being fully engrossed in a film was a struggle, it was certainly an enjoyable one. I can also highly recommend The Drop, it’s incredibly well characterised with some really creative shooting and Tom Hardy proves himself once more as not only a talented actor, but the king of accents. Plus there’s a puppy in it, and who doesn’t love a good puppy. Just look at the little guy.


John Wick (David)

This was very silly, but chose to stick to its guns and take itself seriously, which actually worked. The silliness does make for an unusual watch, which sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t. The action scenes are great – Keanu properly kills people rather than just spraying magic instant-kill bullets like most action movies and thankfully there’s a lack of over-edited shaky cam.


Game Of Thrones (Darren)
I’ve seen no films this week, but I’ve been watching lots of Game of Thrones, I still don’t think it’s amazing; cheesy, trashy fodder but it’s fun and mildly addictive. I’ve just started season 3 though, and that’s meant to be the one that really moves up a level! We’ll see!!

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