What We’ve Been Up To:

Darren’s been traversing across Scotland scouting for locations which was predictably amazing. There’s plenty to consider including where to source the crew from, travel requirements, is there a decent pub nearby for those early mornings that turn into late afternoon into early evening into a desperate thirst for a nice cold lager.

Check out his visual diary below…IMG_9907


NCS: the Lincolnshire and Leicestershire films have been edited and are ready for their graduations today; onwards to the Northamptonshire film.

Blueprint: Film Foundation has been awarded a grant from the High Sheriff’s Fund to train young people in Lincoln as Festival Coordinators for their upcoming Lincoln Festival of International Culture, which will see a celebration of Japanese Culture over a week long festival. Excited to see what they come up with this year, fingers crossed for some sort of Karaoke event…



Back in London…

We had a meeting about a project in the future with Walk East, we’ll provide a video for an exhibition that runs from the summer til the end of the year, more details to come.

Rebecca joined Hoxton Hall once more to photograph their Heritage Showcase. She captured two live performances, one drama and one musical theatre/dance number, which were brimming with some very talented young cast members. It was great to see local young people in Hackney getting the chance to use the stunning Hoxton Hall Stage, which has recently had a rather beautiful face lift.IMG_4735 copy


Films We Watched:

Still Alice (Rebecca)

A subtle, really moving story about an academic who suffers from early onset Alzheimer’s disease, leading her to battle with her loss of memory and sense of disconnect with her family. It’s an incredibly insightful film that allows the audience a window in what it may feel like to loss one’s sense of self and purpose. It is bold in its subtlety and the directors, Richard Glatzer and Wash Westmoreland, refuse to create any sense of melodrama; it feels as though they enabled Julianne Moore to have a wide berth to fully explore this character and gave her the time to unfurl her story in due time. Still Alice demonstrates an acute sensitivity for the challenging subject matter. la_ca_1202_still_alice

The Voices (Darren)

Very disappointing, I love talking animals and black comedy so it should’ve been a winner, but it wasn’t funny enough and it wasn’t black enough.


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