Another Friday spins around! This week we’ve all been busy as usual, with a number of different projects on the go. What have we been up to? What will we do next? Why do so many of our projects end up involving chickens?! Read on.


We’ve been filming and helping out with the final two multi-faith performances with Shooting Fish. The location is the beautiful St. Mary’s Church in Swineshead; the paper lanterns you see in the foreground were made by parents and children. This was Shooting Fish’s rehearsal for the first three performances! While they were hard at work preparing, we were making a start on a film which sums up and analyses the project. The film will act as both an evaluation of InterFaith and an educational tool to help schools tackle Islamaphobia and discrimination.


Mikaela has been streaming for much of this week, covering snooker in York. Today she’s out and about in Lincoln attending meetings and working out details for Japan Festival 2017!

The Lincoln team also went to some BNI Member training to help us make a better impression at meetings. So they’ll be charming the socks off everyone from now on!


Down in London, Darren’s been hard at work all week working on the China project. He’s been writing and rewriting the script for the play we’ve been working on with Shooting Fish, using all of the research they’ve worked on over the last few months.

Meanwhile, Chris has been editing the Craftsmanship film for luxury fireplace makers Chesney’s. He shot the footage in Portugal a few weeks ago, and after a meeting with the client last week he’s been putting an edit together. You can see a sneak peek on our Instagram!

Lorna has also been editing this week! She’s been putting the finishing touches to the video for Resolution Ltd. It’s been interesting to work with just still images to produce a film that is as dynamic as video.

She’s also been pulling together the footage we shot at Hoxton Hall to create a rough cut of the young people’s “Experimental Film” (known colloquially among us as “the chicken film”). We’ve collected a lot of strange and interesting shots over the last few weeks, and the finished film will definitely be memorable!


What We’ve Watched

Arthur Christmas (Laura)
I thought it was actually OK as Christmas films go! Like Mission Impossible but a cartoon. It had a sweet, twee, Christmassy feel while still being an exciting action-adventure.

 And over at Blueprint: Review…

Akira Kurosawa’s Dreams – Criterion re-release a visually stunning late anthology film from the famous Japanese director.

The Hired Hand – This little known anti-western from the 70’s stars Peter Fonda and is well worth discovering.

Napoleon (1927) – The BFI finally release the restored version of this epic 5 and a half hour silent masterpiece. It might sound like a slog, but it’s one of the most exciting films ever made.

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