As always it’s been a busy week here at Blueprint: Film, with lots of different projects on the go.


This week David and Mikaela have been ultra busy filming and editing the Interfaith project we’re working on in collaboration with Shooting Fish. Yesterday Mikaela and Emily travelled to a mosque in Scunthorpe to film a series of interviews with local Muslims about their faith. We asked them what Islam means to them, and learned about how they feel when the religion is misrepresented. The group were super welcoming and offered us lots of tea and biscuits (just for us as they were fasting). We learnt a lot about Islam and got some great footage for both the stage production and the educational film we’ll be producing. They even invited us in to watch their prayer session and film the ritual cleansing.


Mikaela has also been busy piecing together some of the final details for Japan Festival 2017! Our parternship with the collection has grown and they will be offering a number of Japan themed events for children alongside our other festival events. We also signed off on our bookings with The Drill Hall & Stokes at the collection, after booking in stunning Koto artists for our Valentines Day live music and a fun-for-all-ages theatre production that we cannot wait to bring to the city!



Meanwhile in Bethnal Green Darren and Chris have been working with pet tech company Felcana to prepare for their Kickstarter launch on Monday! You can get a sneak peek by checking out this behind-the-scenes clip.  We couldn’t be more excited to reveal the video next week!


At Hoxton Hall, Laura and Lorna worked with our group of young people to plan an ambitious shoot for next week. Key features include a dancing cult dedicated to fried chicken – just your average week at Blueprint Film Academy!


What We’ve Watched

Arrival (Mikaela)
A stunning, heartfelt and intelligent drama masquerading as a sci-fi blockbuster. Powerhouse performance from Amy Adams (who is also fantastic in Nocturnal Animals – she’s running the box office right now) and a ton of social relevance.

Doctor Strange (Lorna)
I’m not the biggest fan of superhero movies or Benedict Cumberbatch, but my friends voted and this won. To my surprise, I ended up really enjoying it. The incredible VFX alone makes it worth seeing; there are so many incredible and original sequences. If you can watch around the main character, I’d definitely recommend going to see it.

And from Blueprint: Review:

Jamaica Inn: Lorna rediscovers this underrated Hitchcock masterpiece. (Five stars!)

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