Remember, remember the 4th of November… because we’ve got a monster blog lined up for today! The past two weeks have been jam-packed with projects, including a glamorous shoot in Portugal for Chris! Meanwhile the rest of the team have also been hard at work, though slightly more rained on. Here’s what we’ve been up to.

But first, a reminder to please VOTE FOR FLIX to receive funding from Aviva Community Fund! As many are saying frequently this week, every vote counts – but especially votes for us.

Last week Chris and Darren put together the first draft of our new Kickstarter campaign film for Felcana, a new pet technology product that will be launched on Kickstarter later this month. The client visited our Bethnal Green office to make changes to the edit live, which was really beneficial. The opportunity to try out options and make decisions instantly really helps move the project forward when deadlines are tight! We recorded the proposed voiceover script live into the draft edit, so we could edit and refine it before we recorded it for real a few days later on location.


Between the edit and filming days for Felcana, the weather gods played ball and Chris got the last minute okay to head to Portugal to shoot the content for our next Chesney’s film! He spent two days there, filming at a workshop producing Chesney’s stock and bespoke fireplaces and staircases. I managed to capture some beautiful footage of the craftsmanship undertaken and the 3 generations of the same family who all still work and own the company. The family made me so welcome and I can’t wait to start work on showcasing their story and the skills of all their staff.


The second day saw us drive out about 2 hours into the depth of a national park to see the quarry where the limestone is sourced for many of Chesney’s products. It was great to see the effort that goes into securing the very best stone and getting a first hand insight into how it’s achieved.


After we’d visited the quarry it was time to head back for a (very late) flight, acquaint myself with the incredibly dull Lisbon airport departure lounge and get back home a little weary at 4am…

This week has been a little calmer, but equally as busy. Chris has been putting the final touches to the Felcana film, specifically working on the all important infographics to help
communicate many of the complex features and benefits of the product.

Chris was also given a nice techie treat from Apple with a brilliant new update to our NLE tool of choice: FCPX! Officially it’s version 10.3, but really it should be 11. It’s a great update for all users; if you’ve not upgraded yet or want to know what’s changed, this fantastic edit from Thomas Grove Carter should fill the gaps!

Meanwhile in Lincoln, Flix in the Stix is entering Classics season! We kicked off with Casablanca in Glentham earlier this week, and we’ll continue in Lea next week with Rear Window. Keep up with our screenings on Twitter, and don’t forget to vote for us so we can continue the project!


What We’ve Watched

David’s been busy!

Two Women: David reviews Vittorio De Sica’s gloomy Italian WWII drama, which stars Sophia Lauren.

Odds Against Tomorrow: David loved this gripping film noir which takes a hard look at racism. The film is part of the BFI’s Black Star season.

The Man Who Fell To Earth: David wasn’t a fan of Nicolas Roeg’s dull and pretentious sci-fi oddity, starring the late great David Bowie.

Christine (1983): David reviews John Carpenter’s daft but well handled killer car movie.

Day For Night: Francois Truffaut’s wonderful film about filmmaking gets the Criterion treatment.

The Shining (Extended Edition): Stanley Kubrick’s classic horror movie still blows David’s mind.

And Lorna enjoyed and then forgot quirky comedy Burn Burn Burn.

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