October is really setting in, and with it the cold, rain and mush of fallen leaves. However, the office is nice and cosy for those of us lucky enough to be working there! We’ve all been extremely busy here over the last couple of weeks, and even today people are out and about. Here’s a brief overview of some of the things we’ve been getting up to!

First, we’re up for funding! Fix in the Stix is in the running to get funded by the Aviva Community Fund, but we need your help! Go here to VOTE for us and help us to expand our service to more villages.



In Lincoln, David has been finishing off the Goole Bonfire audio narration for Shooting Fish Theatre Company. Each year Shooting Fish design a project around Bonfire night, and this year it’s a rousing story of Viking warfare! As usual we’ve been recording plenty of hearty vocal performances and adding loads of over the top sound effects!

Mikaela and David have also been busily shooting and editing bits and pieces for Shooting Fish’s epic multi-faith performances designed to tackle prejudice. This is an ongoing project, so we’ll tell you more about it as it develops!

David and Mikaela are currently at Barnsley Metrodome live streaming PDC Darts, with Mikaela training up on it tomorrow.


Meanwhile down in Bethnal Green, Darren and Chris have been hard at work on a promotional video for pet tech company Felcana. They’ve been working with Oliver the dalmatian, who gave an Oscar-worthy performance! After shooting in Greenwich over three days, Chris has been putting the video together while Darren stands in for the voiceover. The final product is going to look amazing (there’s a dog shaking water in slow motion, so how could it not?)!


At Hoxton Hall, Laura, Lorna and our group of young participants have wrapped on shooting a film about social media. Since the group was all male last week, Lorna even stepped in to play one of the characters complete with Sharpie on her nails (not the best idea)!

What We’ve Watched

Storks (David)
I took the whole family to watch this. It was enjoyably bonkers, but also a bit too wacky to connect with emotionally or narratively. So ultimately it felt a bit forgettable.

And over at Blueprint: Review:

Don’t Look Back: David reviews D.A. Pennebaker’s classic documentary on the Nobel Prize winning Bob Dylan.

Little Shop of Horrors: David checks out an old favourite, Frank Oz’s classic comedy horror musical.

Diner: And David revisits another favourite, the wonderful period coming of age comedy drama Diner.

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