Happy Autumn Equinox! (Alright, it was yesterday). At the turn of the season here in Bethnal Green we’ve had our first sunny day for a while, but there’s still a chill in the air. It’s an auspicious time, as several new projects are just starting – read on to find out what we’ve been up to!

Term has begun for the Film Academy at Hoxton Hall! Lorna joined Laura this week in the second session of the term. Last week, the young people had looked at Hoxton Hall’s current show schedule for inspiration, and found three very different shows from which to take ideas. Among them was an experimental cabaret show about pushing social boundaries, an immersive dance performance about social media, and a musical evening featuring traditional Nigerian music. From those, and from the young people’s own interests, we narrowed themes down and decided on a film about social media, and one that used experimental film techniques. We also decided to really emphasise the training side of the course, with different participants wanting to learn new things from camerawork to acting skills.


Meanwhile in Lincoln, the team have also been busy! For most of this week, David has been at Barnsley Metrodome (where he spent many hours of his childhood swimming) streaming a PDC Players Championship darts event.  All the big names in darts were there, including the world number one, Michael van Gerwen, who won all 3 finals over the week, taking home £30,000 in prize money.  Not bad for 3 days work!


As well as being busy with various funding bids, Mikaela had a meeting at Lincoln Community Foundation to discuss the future of some of our community projects. Flix in the Stix was obviously centre stage, as was our upcoming Festival of Japanese Culture, which will take place in February half term 2017! For Festival updates, make sure you’re following our Twitter account.

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What We’ve Watched

The Invitation (Mikaela)
This was an entertaining, relatively low-budget thriller. I actually really enjoyed it despite it’s somewhat hammy acting; an original, twisty, surprisingly intelligent take on cults that understood how to build and hold tension.

And on Blueprint: Review…

Paths of Glory (David)
Stanley Kubrick’s powerful anti-war film gets the Masters of Cinema treatment on this fantastic Blu-Ray.

Cat People (David)
This surprisingly subtle and beautifully shot horror film gets re-released on Blu-Ray as part of the Criterion Collection.

Love & Friendship (Lorna)
This shallow but hilarious period comedy is released on DVD and Blu-ray on September 26th.

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