Good afternoon! As always, we’re here with our weekly round up blog, to get you up to date on everything we’ve been doing this week. After a mini-heatwave, it’s back to rain and gloom here in Bethnal Green, but we’re not feeling down about it – we’ve got all these projects to distract ourselves!


Up in Lincoln, Dave has been hard at work on the Barton app, as well as adding some tweaks to the Aikido videos. With so many projects just starting to wrap up, all of our time is spent on multiple projects at once. Dave also headed to Barton this week to get some footage of The Old Tile Yard. The tile factory use clay from the River Humber, and use the same methods to create tiles today that they’ve used since the 1800s. It sounds amazing, and the footage will look great in our history app.

Meanwhile, Mikaela has been sorting through the monster delivery of all the Flix marketing, sending out 8 boxes full of flyers and posters. Keep your eyes peeled as our logo should be popping up all over Lincolnshire over the coming weeks!

And for the first time, Ben was introduced to the world of bowls streaming, and all the friendly people who work down at the Lincoln Bowls club. The first bowls day was certainly a long one, with almost every match ending in a tie break. They didn’t finish until nearly 6 – that’s the thrill of the game! Luckily Ben had stocked up on snacks, a key part of the streaming process.


On top of all this, Ben, Dave and Mikaela still found the time to tidy and sort through the office! The Big Clear Out, as it will be known henceforth, yielded five giant bags/boxes worth of charity shop items, which took two bin runs (using all three team members!). There is now room to move around in the office, and it’s a miracle. Photos of the shiny new space next week, as there’s still a fair amount to get rid of or donate.


Down in London, Chris has been going to lots of meetings and working on pre-production for current projects. There have been quite a few proposals for potential new projects too, which we can’t wait to get started on. Chris had a great meeting for a new project out in Battersea, who had the most amazing ‘yard’ at their office:


Can we get one of those?

Meanwhile Lorna has been working on several projects this week, from putting sound effects on our stop-motion paperclip film to drafting a short film script to be shown at our Japan Festival. It’s slow going, but the story is starting to come together into a suspenseful horror based on the very best of Japanese horror cinema (definitely stay away from the fish pond!). Lorna has also been spending time on various funding bids – not too exciting, but important nonetheless!

And that concludes another week at Blueprint – we’ll be back next week with another catch up blog, as well as our Project Blogs every Tuesday!

What We’ve Watched

Stalker (Dave)
More Tarkovsky for David, this time in the form of his late 70’s philosophical sci-fi think-piece Stalker. Read the review here!

The Lobster (Lorna)
Beautiful cinematography, a great cast, and a highly original script/concept. Also, the most uncomfortable I’ve ever been in my life. Honestly I hated it, but it’s definitely well-made and achieves its aim (of totally weirding me out).

Alien (Mikaela)
I watched Alien for the first time and it was amazing! I don’t know why it took me this long, I loved the horror elements and was very impressed that it didn’t seem dated, a lot of the effects really still held up.

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