Happy Friday! The sun is shining, and we’re all gearing up for the heatwave next week! As always, it’s been a busy week in Lincoln and Bethnal Green. If you’ve missed our posts on social media, you can catch up with our exploits here in this weekly round up blog.

Our top story this week: we’ve all been hard at work on the Hidden Histories app! We’re coming up to the deadline, which means we’re putting the final touches to the project. The app will include mini documentary style videos, which will reveal the history of each location or building. This week, the London office has been hard at work writing the voiceovers that will go over the top, including scripts for some exciting audio reenactments! We even recorded demos to help with video editing, with Darren showing off his voiceover skills.

Meanwhile, Dave has been editing the videos for the app, while Ben has been putting together some soundscapes to really bring the history to life. Lorna has also been finding photos to use. It takes a lot of elements to make an engaging video!


(Happy World Elephant Day!)

Meanwhile, Mikaela has been busy finalising the films for the Film Academy project with Genesis Housing Association – they’re being sent off today! Added to the three films was a behind-the-scenes documentary, with some great testimonials from students on how the course will help them in the future.

We’ve also been spreading the word about Flix In The Stix and received a lovely article from Lincolnshire Echo, following last months mention of the project in their film column. We had our Tintin screening in Lea this week too, and as usual, the village went crazy with the snacks and catering!


Mikaela has also been getting the Japan Festival 2017 cogs turning, contacting a new artist for a potential exhibition, and putting the feelers out with more venues across the city. We’ve transferred our mind-blowingly large Japan Fest to-do list into Trello, taking our planning to the next level!

And as well as all the Barton work, Dave still found time to shoot some extra footage at RAF Scampton for the JET educational film we’re making.  It involved filming the Red Arrows team taking part in a fun teambuilding exercise involving hula hoops!

Finally, down in London we’re celebrating Darren’s birthday! This cake didn’t last long…


What We’ve Watched

Deadpool (Mikaela)
I liked this more than I thought I would. It was no cinematic masterpiece but it was fun and it clearly didn’t take itself too seriously. It overplayed the meta jokes a little but Ryan Reynalds was strong enough to carry it.

Ghostbusters (Lorna)
I really enjoyed this! I was a bit worried at first as some of the jokes initially felt forced, however I soon got into it and by the end thought it was hilarious. Loads of fun (and some great cameos)!

Cry of the City (David)
You can read Dave’s review of this slow paced but well made film noir on Blueprint: Review!

The In-Laws (David)
…and his review of this hilarious 70’s comedy starring Peter ‘Columbo’ Falk and Alan Arkin, here!

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