As always, it’s been a busy week here at Blueprint: Film! If you haven’t been following us on Twitter and Facebook, you can catch up on what we’ve been up to every Friday at our weekly round up blog. Short and sweet this week, as we’re all scurrying about working hard on all the various projects!

This week, Darren was up bright and early to attend a BNI meeting in London. The networking organisation helps to connect businesses through referrals, and the first meeting seemed very impressive. We’ve already made connections with a few people, and are definitely thinking of joining the group! Exciting things on the horizon!

Meanwhile, Chris has had his head down all week working on this year’s Summer NCS’s promo. Last week we looked at the filming of the promo, which looked very exciting with all sorts of outdoor activities and risky camerawork! It’s been a fair amount of hard work, but everything is starting to come together and we can’t wait to show you the end result.


Across the vast empty space of the desk, Lorna has been looking at research into the history of Barton, putting together some exciting voiceovers for the videos featured on the app. The deadline for the project is coming up fast, and so everyone is working hard to get the final touches in place by the end of the month. We’ve been working on the Hidden Histories app for almost a year, so the final product is going to be amazing! While Lorna works on that, down in Lincoln Ben has been helping to put some finishing touches to the existing videos, bringing them even more to life with soundscapes which capture the memories of our interviewees in audio form.

This week Mikaela has been bustling about for various projects. She’s had some promising meetings with a local photographer and the marketing director at a local design and marketing firm – it’s great to be making more local connections and establishing new business relationships for the Lincoln office, and we’re looking forward to some new possibilities on the cards. She’s also been busy editing ‘Dying To Be Famous’, a short film created with Woodberry Down residents as part of our project with Genesis Housing Association. It’s a bold, dramatic film featuring our very own Laura as the lead, and great voice cameos from Chris & Lorna!


Dave has been sorting out Darren’s website to make it slick for the potential feature film bigwigs he’s going to be dealing with now that Vigilante is out to market.
He’s also planning a Saturday trip to Barton to take dozens of photos for the Hidden History app – there’s a lot of Barton work going on at the moment!

Ben went along to the first of the many screenings we’re having of Tintin this month in Glentham, where there was a fantastic turnout! If Glentham is a sign of things to come, we’ll definitely have a successful month of screenings. Ben has also been delving into the world of WordPress this week, redesigning the Blueprint: Foundation website. Despite a few issues, it’s coming along nicely.

What We’ve Watched

Star Trek: Beyond (Lorna)
I finally watched the third Star Trek film, and had a fantastic time. While the first one is still objectively a better film (we don’t talk about Into Darkness), I think this one finally understood and respected what The Original Series was all about. It felt like watching an Original Series era movie, with added explosions and ridiculous but highly enjoyable action sequences. It didn’t matter that the message of unity was hammered home – it’s an important message. Shame it’s the last one.

The Brand New Testament (Lorna)
I fell in love with this quirky, openhearted and genuine comedy. You can read my review at Blueprint: Review.

Jason Bourne (Dave)
This was fast paced, tense and action packed as is to be expected from the Bourne franchise.  However, focussing the story on Bourne finding out more about his identity and past is getting tired now so the story felt old and not particularly interesting, although linking it with current identity issues (and name-dropping Snowdon a couple of times) made it relevant at least.

Finding Dory (Dave)
Some of the reviews have been a little luke-warm so I was worried this would be Pixar on lesser form again, but I absolutely loved it.  It’s incredibly heartwarming and had me sniffling back the tears every 10 minutes or so.  It also deals with some interesting themes about disability which made a nice change.  The actual narrative beats are a bit too close to the first film perhaps, but this didn’t bother me too much so I enjoyed the film from start to finish.

Sid & Nancy (Dave)
Review here! David reviews Alex Cox’s bleak, but morbidly fascinating look at the doomed relationship between the Sex Pistols’ Sid Vicious and sometime prostitute/drug addict Nancy Spungen.

New World (Mikaela)
This was a great new (ish) addition to the world of South Korean crime flicks. Satisfyingly thrilling, edgy and violent, it deals with undercover cops in the heart of the Korean mob at breaking point. It had a few plot similarities to Sleeping Dogs (on PS3) in the sense that it weaved between the cops and the mobs both presenting characters that are good and evil. A solid watch.

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