We’re back! After a brief hiatus last week, the weekly blog is back with updates on all our current projects from shiny adverts to paperclip animation. This week we’ve been sweating through the heatwave as we’re kept busy by everything going on at Blueprint: Film.


Dave has been travelling across to the famous Winter Gardens in Blackpool to get trained up in live streaming PDC Darts events. We have some future work coming up with our friends over at NOSP, so it’s a good time to improve skills!  As the picture shows it’s a spectacular venue, although we were in one of the back rooms with a basic dart board set up so we could practice.  It was great to meet the team, which included some of the top spotters in the business, one of whom is a Countdown champion!


We’ve also started our Some Like it Hot screenings at Flix in the Stix.  The heat outside has kept the audiences a little smaller than last month, but we still got a good turn out at Lea and Ingham.  Tonight we’ll see if Scothern can top their record breaking audience for Lady in the Van – 88!

Meanwhile, Mikaela has been busy co-ordinating our autumn-winter Flix In The Stix season, programming the latest selection of films and co-ordinating dates for screenings for the next 4 months. We’ve started to plan our special Christmas screenings too and taking suggestions for Christmas films! We’ve updated the website with the new programme (check it out!), and we’ll be screening Chef, Spectre, Brooklyn, Casablanca, Rear Window and another round of Lady In The Van for villages that didn’t have it previously – Maggie Smith is in serious demand. Ben has also emailed round a press release for our Tintin screenings, which we think will be a great family get together once the schools have broken up.


Down in scorching London, the team has been scattered this week as we work on various projects. Chris has been off filming for NCS this week, and today he’s filming across London for a video game documentary – it’s non-stop! Have a look at our instagram and Twitter feeds for in-the-moment action shots like this one!

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 16.34.43

Meanwhile, Lorna has been working with Max, who has been here on work experience for the last two weeks. As well as getting introduced to the wonderful world of databases, Max has worked with Lorna and Darren to create an epic stop motion animation film using only paperclips, paper and a sharpie (and an apple, spoilers!). Given these limited resources, the end result is looking fantastic! The film will be polished up early next week, so watch this space…

Here’s a still from the movie – top left, our hero Clip saves a child from a burning building. Yep. The stakes are high.

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 16.42.02

What We’ve Watched

It’s a long one.

The Neon Demon (Mikaela)
I hoped that Refn’s latest venture would be more ‘Drive’ and less ‘Only God Forgives’. This sat somewhere in the middle, unfortunately leading slightly towards the latter. The characters were kind of vapid, so you had no real feelings for any of the characters – but this was kind of the point here, as a satyrical look at the fashion industry. What I did enjoy about this was that it was visually stunning – we’ve come to expect this from Refn but this was particularly surreal and theatrical in a way that his other films aren’t. He ran with visual metaphors and the result here is stunning.

Tale of Tales (Mikaela)
Bonkers. Utterly bonkers. I think this is based on the Italy’s answer to the Brother’s Grim stories, and so its a range of short, strange fairytales that are pretty dark in subject matter. Very well made and interesting, but you also have to see Salma Hayek eat a serpents heart.
Stranger Things Season 1 (Mikaela)

I didn’t really make the most of the sun this week, I’ve been binging this instead. It’s fantastic, and Winona Ryder absolutely carries the series (alongside some excellent performances from child actors). This was sort of like a series-length Super 8, but much darker, much stranger and much more scary. Also I loved the 80’s horror style of it.
And here’s a list of reviews from Dave!
All Night Long: David reviews this version of Othello, set in the swinging 60’s London jazz scene – http://blueprintreview.co.uk/2016/07/all-night-long/

The Ox-Bow Incident: David reviews this classic, dark, uncompromising psychological western – http://blueprintreview.co.uk/2016/07/the-ox-bow-incident/

Anomalisa: David checks out Charlie Kaufman & Duke Johnson’s exceptional adult animation – http://blueprintreview.co.uk/2016/07/anomalisa/

High-Rise: David doesn’t think much of Ben Wheatley’s JG Ballard adaptation – http://blueprintreview.co.uk/2016/07/high-rise/

Mirror: David continues his trawl through Andrei Tarkovsky’s back catalogue with this highly personal and poetic rumination on life – http://blueprintreview.co.uk/2016/07/mirror/

Lorna has also started writing reviews for Blueprint: Review! Here are some recent ones from her.

Queen of Earth: Lorna is unsure about this psychological drama. Queen Of Earth

David Bowie is: Lorna reviews this documentary about the V&A’s ‘David Bowie is’ exhibition and tries not to fangirl too much. David Bowie is: The Film of the V&A Blockbuster Exhibition

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