Chris has been busy finishing the first drafts of our 2 new films for Overmantels. We’re really pleased with how they’ve come together so far and hopefully we will be able to share them next week!
We’re also making the final arrangements for our London premiere at the Genesis cinema. Chris popped over this week to check everything out for the big night. We can’t wait!


Meanwhile, Lorna has been hard at work editing the music video from our Foundation project at Hoxton Hall. Despite the many weeks we spent filming, somehow when you start to cut it together you always want more footage! Despite this, Lorna has put together a rough cut and next week will transform it into a polished final version. So far it’s looking good, with the recorded version of the song really drawing the shots together. On Wednesday it will be screened to the participants and everyone at the hall in the last session of the term!


The Lincoln team kicked off  the second month of Flix in the Stix, with 2 screenings of classic British war movie, The Dambusters.  The screenings were a bit quiet due to conflicting Euro 2016 and Wimbledon matches, but those who attended were thrilled to watch the film, which has strong ties to Lincolnshire, on the big screen.  Some keen eyed viewers did notice an error though – when the planes fly over the Cathedral they’re going the wrong way to get to Germany!


Dave has also been designing a flyer for Shooting Fish’s forthcoming Emerging Artists Theatre Programme.  A summer school programme, designed to give young people the skills to develop a career in the arts, it leads to the participants putting on their own outdoor theatre performance.  Because of this, we’ve been trying to find nice images to capture the fun of watching theatre out in the open air.

Several of the Barton Hidden History videos have also been finished.  We’re approaching finalisation on the content, which is exciting, so watch this space for further announcements!

Meanwhile Ben has continued working on the Barton App this week and has helped make an intro animation that will go on the beginning of each video. He’s also helped out with the edits of the Kings Garth Mill video montage which showcases the inner workings of the mill. The videos seem to be wrapping up nicely and they’re all looking brilliant! Other than that, Ben has started to email distributors/sales people about getting Vigilante out there to an even wider audience. It’s a long process to research, but most definitely worth it if we can get a larger audience to see the film.


And now for part 2 of Darren and Emily’s epic adventure in China! This week was as eventful as the first, although luckily there were less travel related incidents…


Among the many exciting events, Darren and Emily went to see some more theatre! This week they went to see a Chinese musical called Shanghai Bund, which they gave mixed reviews (“Like the west end – but really really bad”).

They also visited the Shanghai theatre academy and saw some more Beijing Opera! Darren was given a tour around the building, and had a meeting about working together and doing some opera training in Shanghai next summer. Exciting stuff!


Of course this was on the itinerary.


Finally they visited Guilin, the ridiculously stunning honeymoon capital of China. After some touristy visiting including boat rides, some brilliant locations for Xisle were found. The whole place was beautiful and extremely cinematic.


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