Happy July! Last week we posted this blog early, because we had to shoot off to the premiere of our feature film, Vigilante, but that’s not the only exciting thing we’ve had lined up this week! You can catch up with everything we’ve been up to – this week, coming from China! – in this weekly round up blog.

First though, the premiere! The venue was perfect for the event, with a huge screen seating 250 people, including cast and crew. The film went down very well and everyone had a great evening. We will also be holding a premiere in London on the 17th at Genesis cinema. Here are some pictures from the event.

Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 16.13.36

Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 17.06.46


Chris has a had a busy week finishing another LEGO stop motion animation for Kent County Council. The film was commissioned by the consumer protection department at the council and aims to raise awareness of the consumer rights act and promote “Think Before You Buy”. Once again we draw in the service of LEGO builder Gary Davis who we worked with on the NHBC film. He created a typical high street, complete with a full coffee shop interior. The film had to come in at exactly 30 seconds for use on social media, and explores three areas that were of priority to the client where greater awareness of consumer rights would be of most benefit to the public. The film officially launches this weekend, and the team at Kent County Council are getting in on the LEGO act with this giant LEGO minifig cutout!


Chris has also been reintroduced to actual real human beings this week as he starts work on the edit of 2 new films for Overmantles. The films showcase the handcrafted beauty of the companies bespoke TV mirrors (craft porn all over the place). We are really excited about these films, can’t wait to share as soon as we can!


Meanwhile, Lorna has been putting together some behind the scenes footage to create a documentary of our time at Hoxton Hall. Over the last couple of months she’s been quietly filming the workshops, and last week she interviewed the people on the course to find out how they felt about the experience. The documentary is looking good and we can’t wait to have a finished product! In addition to this, shooting on the music video itself is almost completely wrapped. There are just two more scenes to shoot next week, before we can begin the editing process! This Wednesday, the class was able to film inside the beautiful performance space at Hoxton Hall. The Victorian music hall setting was extremely atmospheric, and we’re really happy with the shots we got! Our main young performer, Ayo (who also wrote the song and did the costume and makeup here), sang her heart out and was incredibly professional.

Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 15.44.47


This week in Lincoln, Ben has been continuing to work on the Barton History App, writing up a script for the ‘wife selling’ part of it which is exactly as bizarre as it sounds. A new topic, the coastguard station, will also need a script focusing on the hectic shipping lane which was the River Humber back in the day – Ben will be working on that next week!

Meanwhile, Mikaela and Ben have both been busy writing funding bids for the Festival! Ben has begun to help organise contact details for the many interesting performers we’re planning to have at the Festival next year – it’s shaping up to be an incredible event! More information coming soon, so watch this space!

And now, for the first time ever…


That’s right, this week Darren has been in China to discuss productions and to talk about a possible Chinese coproduction of our new feature, Xisle. The meetings have taken place in some incredible buildings – one of them was in the Temple of Heaven!


Darren’s been extremely busy attending meetings, but that hasn’t stopped him and Emily from seeing the sights, including the Beijing opera, biking and hiking up a mountain, Tiananmen Square and the Great Wall of China! 


There was a moment of drama when Darren and Emily nearly missed a train to Xi’an – but they made it, and still had time to see the Terracotta Army.  Emily bought a beautiful jade bracelet and Darren got a marriage proposal from a tour guide!

Today, Darren and Emily have been travelling around the incredible Mount Hua. Darren met up with the founder of a reusable energy company in Norway and China to discuss a possible video project. Even across the world there’s plenty on the agenda!

Then, to put a twist in the narrative, disaster struck. Darren and Emily managed to miss their train back to the city, which meant they also missed the overnight train – and have ended up trapped in Xi’an for the night! To make matters worse, they also missed the luggage locker’s closing time, and so are currently checking into a hotel with only their day things. It’ll make a good story one day… 
Tomorrow morning, they’ll fly to Shanghai and the adventure will continue! Tune in next week for the second instalment, or follow us on Twitter and Facebook for updates as they happen.

What We’ve Watched

Independence Day: Resurgence (David)
I’m not actually sure why I watched this, but my brother wanted to go to the cinema and there wasn’t much else on.  We were in the mood for something trashy and easy going so this fit the bill.  Needless to say, the film is utterly atrocious,  It chucks far too many characters into the mix and doesn’t bother to give any of them any sort of arc, so the film is utterly devoid of drama.  The whole thing is just destruction porn, with too much going on at once to get excited/scared/give a sh*t about.  That said, it was watchable in a ‘so bad it’s strangely amusing’ sort of way.

A Bigger Splash (Mikaela)
Mikaela reviewed A Bigger Splash on the Blueprint: Review website!

Ivan’s Childhood (David)
And you can also read Dave’s review of Ivan’s Childhood.

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