As the sun rises on a newly uncertain future, we at Blueprint are putting aside our reactions for now and focusing on the hugely exciting event of today – we’re all super busy preparing for the premiere of Vigilante in Lincoln!


This week hasn’t only been eventful in politics. Here in Bethnal Green we’ve been running around working on various projects, while simultaneously preparing for the big event tonight!

Chris and Darren have had a busy week shooting 2 films for Overmatles; a company hand crafting bespoke TV mirrors in the UK. They had 2 days dashing all around London locations, including the company showroom in Battersea, the workshop near Wimbledon and finally a beautiful rooftop apartment in Bloomsbury. Chris also headed over to the Cotswolds (in that crazy rain!) to shoot the manufacture of the wooden frames that make up the company’s TV Mirrors. They’ve been filming the footage on the Sony FS7 – a great camera for this job, allowing them to not only shooting in 4K but also provide the option of filming at 150 FPS for some stunning slow motion action of the manufacturing processes. We are really looking forward to the results from this film and we’re sure you’re going to love it too!



Up in Lincoln, Ben & Mikaela have been putting together all the written content for the Barton app before sending it off for approval. Mikaela has been looking through all the content that we’ve collected and we’re really excited to see the app coming together. We’ve managed to dig up some historic gems, from personal experience stories, to archive photographs and it will be great to have all the info available to the history loving public.

Right now, most of the team is up in Lincoln preparing for the premiere of Vigilante! We’ve got huge glossy posters delivered and framed, and Dave’s been busy getting the Blu-ray all prepared. He’s also created a brand new trailer ready for local press coverage!

Our shiny new venue is EMMTEC, which has plenty of room for everyone attending. We’re all incredibly excited (and nervous) to finally show the film that everyone has worked so hard on for so long. Look out on our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for photos and updates throughout the night!

What We’ve Watched

The Master (Mikaela)
My second venture into the land of Paul Thomas Anderson was an enjoyable one. The film felt a little long at times, it’s quite a slow, dialogue driven film, but by then end I thoroughly enjoyed the journey it had taken me on.

Citizen Four (Mikaela)
An eye-opening documentary on government monitoring and their access to our personal data. The film presented an interesting standpoint, not on whether it was useful to the goverment to have access to the data for national security reasons – but what else they could do with that data, and the implications on national and international freedom of speech. It was really intersting and now I am scared about many things, so it probably did it’s job.

Here Comes Mr Jordan (David)
David reviews the new Criterion blu-ray of this 40’s classic over at Blueprint: Review.

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