First of all, this week we’ve welcomed Ben to the Lincoln team! He’s already been busy working on our Hidden Histories app for Barton, as well as helping out at the Flix In The Stix screenings.


Last night, Dave and Ben went along to Lea to screen Ridley Scott’s “The Martian”. Turnout was good, and everyone seemed to really enjoy the film. We even got some positive feedback on our set-up, which is always nice to hear! Tonight Dave and Ben will be in Ingham screening the second film on our schedule, The Lady In The Van. Keep an eye on our Twitter account for updates on how it goes! Meanwhile, Mikaela has been getting in contact with everyone who has registered interest with Flix In The Stix but didn’t get into the first round of screenings. We’re hoping to expand the project in future, and already have lots of demand for screenings in villages across Lincolnshire. Coming to a screen near you?


Mikaela has also been busy buzzing around Lincoln this week! On Tuesday she popped down to the EMMTEC at Lincoln university to chat to the Director of International and the International Officer for South East Asia and China to talk about our upcoming Japan Festival 2017. The morning was spent coming up with ways the University can support the events, which might include hosting events on campus, as well as marketing to students and student involvement through volunteering. In addition to this, the Students Union there have just created a new role – an international officer at student level. We’re excited to work with them to see how we can get the university involved with the festival.

We’re also working on bringing in funding for the festival. Japan Festival is non-profit and we try to keep box office costs low so that it is widely accessible to the public. Because of this, it’s largely grant funded. Mikaela has been getting all of our ideas and objectives on paper to try and bring in funding so that we can make the festival the biggest and best yet!

Down in London, Lorna is also thinking about the Festival. This week she’s started writing a script to be filmed and shown there in February! The script is a short film inspired by the brilliant genre of Japanese horror, and the story is shaping up nicely (or should that be… spookily). It should be finished by the end of next week! And then haunting us for the rest of our lives. Japan Festival 2015

Our final piece of exciting news is that the final master copies of Vigilante have shown up at the office!  David has been grabbing stills from the monstrous 4K master video file (around 700GB!) and is working on a couple of new trailers.  We’ll hopefully be able to show you them soon.

What We’ve Watched

Evolution (David)
David saw this bizarre art-house French horror movie and reviewed it over at Blueprint: Review.

Too Late For Tears (David)
David also watched this classic film noir and reviewed it over at Blueprint: Review.

Woman on the Run (David)
David was clearly in a film noir mood as he also watched this one! Also reviewed at Blueprint: Review.

Cameraperson (Mikaela)
I popped down to Sheffield Doc Fest at the weekend and managed to get into this screening. What a fantastic experience, the doc uses clips and rushes from a host of films shot by Kirsten Johnson over her inspiring 25-year career. Without ever seeing her face (she’s always behind the camera) you get a real sense of her shooting style, and who she is as a filmmaker. What was fascinating (and difficult at times) was the range of scenes you have to take in as an audience member, and the realisation that Kirsten has experienced each of these situations first hand during her life. The screening was topped off by a Q&A where we discovered Michael Moore was sitting in the audience!

The Quiet Family (Mikaela)
Absolutely bizarre. Which is probably what I should have expected from a South Korean black comedy. This had some great performers from recognisable actors, including the lead in Oldboy and it really did make me laugh. The premis was completely ridiculous and unfeasible, but it was a fun watch.

A Bigger Splash (Mikaela)
I’ve got this for Blueprint: Review and will link to my full review next week so won’t give too much away, but it’s slick and styish and Ralph Fiennes gives an absolute powerhouse performance.

10 Cloverfield Lane (Mikaela)
This was an enjoyable watch, which seemed to weave different genres together to form something interesting and original – or at least it feels that way while watching it. After the credits had rolled it left me with questions unanswered as it seemed to be 3 different unfinished films rather than one complete story. It needed to find its focus.

Knight of Cups (Mikaela)
I’m usually an unapologetic Terrance Malick fan. I don’t mind that some of his films are a bit pretentious, they’re stunning pieces of visual poetry. This however was boring and completely vapid, there wasn’t much of anything to follow, it’s one thing to focus on stunning visuals, but it’s another to forget everything else that makes a film exciting.

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