There are going to be 3 Fridays this year that fall on the 13th, which is more than the average and thus cements the fact that this year brings with it impending failure. Nothing you do will amount to the success you’ve dreamed up in your head, anything new you try will render you a fool and on every form of public transport for the rest of the year you are guaranteed to misplace one item leaving you in debt at the close of the year.

Or not.

Depends how seriously you take these things.

At Blueprint, we are ruled by logic and reason and will therefore continue to walk under ladders, yell “Macbeth!” in every theatre we walk into and lick black cats until our tongues fall out, because that’s what logical people do.

And now, more of what we do…

We are deep into the research period of our next feature, ploughing through books, films and art that might inform the art direction or plot of the project; we”ll be the building favourites next week when the mailing room becomes a no move zone as the packages ferociously build…Luckily, we can escape London for Scotland soon enough to avoid any mail room confrontation.mailsm

We followed East London’s Hoxton Hall into another school, getting messy with them at Stoke Newington School during a screen printing workshop that makes up one stream of their Heritage Project. Rebecca is photographing select workshops for publicity purposes for Hoxton Hall and spoke to some of the students about what influenced their projects; some of the female students had chosen to use the opportunity to promote their feminist beliefs, which was very encouraging to see.B_vVGd9WcAA1gcX

We’ve officially welcomed a new intern to the team, Mikaela will mainly focus on technical aspects of video production. This week she learnt new streaming skills for streaming Super 8 Series bowls, which requires more concentration on the game itself as we update the scores for the graphics and betting agencies.  She took to it very quickly, allowing her to take the lead over for rest of the week. We shipped one of our team off to Manchester to live stream an RFL Parent’s Workshop for Embed the Pathway (hired by NOSP). I can hear you ask, “But, where can I find the footage for such a glorious event”…Here, Reader

Thursday marked the end of the EYS Awards for All workshops, although we’ll be back in April for the premiere.  We looked back at the footage and had an editing workshop.  The group also surprised me with a thank you card and a box of chocolates.  Dave will have to wait until April to eat them as he’s given up chocolate for March to raise money for the British Heart Foundation! I’m not convinced they’ll still be around by then….. 20150312_144750

Some of the team will be heading off to Grantham today, working on an election event with EBP. Groups of young people will be creating their own political parties and fighting it out to be elected.  Our role is to help them create their party political broadcasts.  It’s going to be a manic day and who knows, maybe we’ll find some of our country’s future leaders amongst the ranks.

Films we’ve seen this week:

Appropriate Behavior from Desiree Akhavan, telling the story of a bisexual Persian American living in Brooklyn who is reassessing her life after a break up. Akhavan is incredibly interesting, she has a real knack for creating scenes that depict her character going through excruciating embarrassment, she’s a joy to watch and there wasn’t a dud note in the film. She has a blasé approach to sex, her body, her profession that is intoxicating to watch, and in equal measure, extremely painful.






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