Have you spent the first week of June huddled under umbrellas, gazing despairingly out into the rain? Never fear – our weekly round up blog is here to distract you from whatever the weather is doing this week. We can’t promise it’ll make everything better, but we can definitely help keep your iPhone toasty warm.

As always, there’s a lot going on at Blueprint, and it takes more than a bit of rain to stop us! Earlier this week Blueprint teamed up with Paul Drury-Bradey to launch PlayFinders, an exciting new project which aims to collect and document childhood games from all around the world, encouraging all kinds of traditional play. The event was a huge success, with a great turnout and speeches from Paul and Darren, not to mention free pizza! Here’s one of many photos from the launch.


Following the launch PlayFinders was featured by several news publications, collected here in this Facebook post. You can see the PlayFinders website here – take a look!

Laura and Lorna spent two days this week shooting a music video with the students of Blueprint Film Academy. Everyone worked really hard to shoot almost all of the scenes in that time and the talent of students both in front of and behind the camera really shone through. Shot within the mysterious winding Victorian corridors at Hoxton Hall, the film is looking really atmospheric and we can’t wait to set it to music!

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 16.01.20


If you’ve been following us on social media, you’ll know that this week Dave has been working with Allure Productions and Nigel Oldfield Sports Promotions to live stream the World Snooker qualifiers. Most of the biggest names in the sport have been there, and he’s been streaming the games from morning till night over in Preston.


Meanwhile, Mikaela started out the week live web-streaming the Grand Prix bowls tournament at Lincoln Bowls Club – covering Dave’s usual start to the week – we’re web-streaming all over the place at the minute!

She’s also been busy putting all the last minute bits and pieces together for Flix In The Stix, which will be opening with our first screenings in Glentham & Ingham next week! We’re very excited, and we’ve had word from all the villages that distribution of our marketing packs has been going swimmingly, so we’re hoping for a great turn out. We also heard today that the BBC will be coming down to a screening in late June/early July to do some TV coverage of the project!

If that wasn’t enough excitement, Mikaela also got back to business with Japan Festival 2017, setting up some exciting meetings with local businesses and organisations including Lincoln University. We’re hoping for some great partnerships to help the festival thrive!

screen_shot_2016-06-03_at_15.36.33_1024Finally, we have some big news regarding our feature film Vigilante: premiere dates in both Lincoln and London have been finalised! We are thrilled to announce that Vigilante will premiere on June 24th at The Venue in Lincoln, and July 17th at Genesis Cinema in London. You can read more about Vigilante on the Facebook page, Twitter feed or website.

What We’ve Watched

Money Monster (Dave)
This was entertaining in a B-movie sort of way, but pretty dumb at times. The concept suggested an interesting dig into the current financial climate but it’s actually just an excuse for a generic hostage thriller. It’s fun though as it whizzes by in a brisk 90-odd minutes.

L’Avventura (Dave)
Read Dave’s review of this classic Italian mystery drama at Blueprint: Review.

Zootopia (Mikaela)
This was an enjoyable Sunday afternoon watch, fun, colourful and well paced animation with some surprisingly current and reasonably complex themes. Plus there was a nice surprise voice performance from Idris Elba. I’d recognise that husky-manly-man voice anywhere, even behind the face of a buffalo.

Thelma & Louise (Mikaela)
How have I gotten this far in life without watching Thelma & Louise? I think it’s gone straight up into my top 10 films list. Funny, interesting, somehow simultaneously heartwarming & heartbreaking and to top it off there’s two stunningly badass performances from top leading ladies.

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