It’s been a busy week here at Blueprint Film, with some of our projects coming to a close and many others being developed. You can see everything we’ve been up to here, conveniently packaged in this weekly round up blog!


Up in our Lincoln office, Mikaela has been busy editing the footage from last weeks fantastic Lincoln Fashion Week finale event. We’ve been asked to create seven short thematic films that highlight the seven fashion themes showcased during the event, as well as two promotional films to be splashed all over social media! It’s been fun to create something glamorous and exciting to capture the atmosphere of the event.

We’ve also had an exciting week for Flix In The Stix, with all the films programmed until March now fully licensed for screenings and big marketing packs out for delivery to all six villages today! They’re all unwrapping their parcels of flyers, banners and posters as we write this. We’re doing a big marketing push over the next few weeks with a heavy roll out of advertising across Lincolnshire. We’ve also got a swanky new website, with all the information about the screenings!

Dave managed to make it into the office for one day this week, as he was busy doing a live web-stream of the Grand Prix Bowls match at Lincoln Bowls club on Monday and Tuesday. Then it was off to shoot some great footage of the Red Arrows to create an educational film for Jon Egging Trust. Today he’s headed across the country to live-stream some Snooker! This is where he’ll be working for the next nine days.



Meanwhile down in London, we’ve been just as busy with several different projects. First, after weeks of hard work our LEGO themed video for NHBC Foundation launched on Tuesday! If you read this blog, you’ll have followed the progression of this project from its inception through the many different stages of production. We’re really proud of the finished result. You can see the full video here:

We’ve also been doing a lot of work on Xisle, our new feature film project. This weekend, we have a stall at the Empire LRP event pitched proudly under a huge Xisle banner! We’re looking forward to meeting LARPers and being immersed in their world, even if it means being cut off from the real one – phone signal is way too anachronistic.


Blueprint: Film Foundation has also been busy this week, with our Hoxton Hall community project going well! This week, Laura and Lorna worked with the group to develop their music video ideas. Eventually, we managed to combine everyone’s ideas to create a strong narrative, and matched each scene to the lyrics of the song. By the end of the session, we had a completed storyboard all ready to shoot next week.

As always, keep up to date with our projects on Twitter, Facebook, or right here each Friday on our weekly round up blog. Have a good bank holiday weekend!

What We’ve Watched

This week Dave has reviewed a selection of films and DVDs on our review blog, including Outlaw: Gangster VIP Collection, Victoria, and The Firm.

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