After a week of rain it’s been a warm, sunny day here in Bethnal Green! Sun is streaming in, the window panes acting like a magnifying glass while behind it we scurry about like ants, constructing intricate homes from wood pulp, carrying objects up to 3,000 times our own body weight. That metaphor got weird. Let’s move on.


This week Mikaela has been busy getting factual, starting the week researching and writing content for our Barton Heritage app, while Dave has been sorting through interview clips, video and photographs for the app and started the editing process for a few of the locations! It’s coming along nicely as the content is all pieced together. We also got a mock up of how the app would work, it’s exciting to see the project coming together!

Dave and Mikaela have also been busy testing out the brand new equipment for Flix In The Stix, for which the largest challenge was finding a room large enough to test-assemble the MASSIVE rear-projection cinema screen. They’ve streamlined the assembly process to make sure it can be done really efficiently in all the village halls. Mikaela has also been busy sending out press releases and contacting people to publicise and market the project. Can’t wait to see our amazing selection of films on the big screen!



Meanwhile down in London, Lorna has been setting up a new twitter account: follow @flixinstix for more information, dates and locations! If Twitter ain’t your thing, or if you just can’t get enough of us, you can also keep up to date on our Flix in the Stix website or our dedicated Facebook page. Chris has also been working on the project, designing flyers, posters and banners to publicise the screenings. Here’s a cheeky preview:


In other exciting news, Darren had a meeting about our future feature production Xisle. Things are starting to happen! There’ll be lots of news in the near future, so watch this space. Meanwhile, keep an eye on the Xisle Twitter account (so many Twitter accounts) for more immediate updates (and LARP themed information!).

What We’ve Watched

Hannibal Takes Edinburgh (Mikaela)
This was half documentary, half stand up show, shot during Hannibal Buress’ month long stint at Edinburgh Fringe. It delved into the difficulties he faced in doing repeated shows miles away from home, and was an interesting behind-the-scenes look at the working process of a comedian. Plus it was punctuated with lots of hilarity from Hannibal’s show, which I loved because the man is hilarious.


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