This week has been pretty hectic for us at Blueprint HQ! We’ve got a big announcement (it’s feature film related, be excited), and have lots of major projects either taking off or coming to a close! Plus thanks to the glorious (gloriously rainy) bank holiday we’ve had a four day week to cram it all into! Luckily we’ve still found time before we sign off to frolic in this weekends forecasted sunshine to tell you all about what we’re up to!

What’s New In London?

This week the Blueprint team has grown! We’ve got a new intern in our London office, her name is Lorna and she’ll be taking over the blogs and social media, as well as running the London administration! This week, she’s been getting to know the team and has started flexing her writing muscles helping with some of our script work!


For everyone else, it’s been business as usual in Bethnal Green. Chris has been finalising both of our ongoing LEGO projects, with his first draft of the stop motion animation for Kent County Council being wrapped up this week! Our other stop motion LEGO film (you really can never have too much fun with LEGO), for the National House Building Council is getting a new voice over from some well-known UK talent that we won’t name just yet, but we’re exited to be working with them!

Darren has also been busy because this week Vigilante, Blueprint’s debut feature film is finished! Completely completed! After years of hard work, the final phase of production is finished, and the film is wrapped. Darren and producer Emily have been strategising all week, putting in plans for the films festival circuit and distribution. They’ve also been busy organising a London and Lincoln premiere for the coming months! Keep your eyes peeled for more information on those!


Lincoln (& Beyond!)

This week, Mikaela has been a busy bee, buzzing around the city to put arrangements in place on two of our major events projects! She’s been co-ordinating a film programme and schedule for Flix In The Stix, our series of community screenings in Lincolnshire villages that’s due to take place in June! She’ll be announcing all the films being screened around the county next week, so keep your eyes peeled for that! Meanwhile, Japan festival has also been all systems go, with exciting collaborations with The Collection, Visit Lincoln and Lincoln Business Improvement Group in the pipeline! We’ve also started meeting artists and practitioners for the festival too, with Mikaela meeting a local practitioner of Ikebana (Japanese flower arranging) this afternoon. The festival will take place in February half term 2017, and will be a week long programme of arts and culture taking place in venues all over the city. You can see our visual summary of last years festival here:

Up in Lincoln, Mikaela and Dave have also been busy writing content for our Barton Heritage app, in partnership with the Ropewalk. They’ve been busy collating all the history information they’ve collected over the last few months and sorting the interview footage and notes into categories ready for it to be added to the app! Barton is a little treasure trove of history and we’ve made some fantastic finds for the apps exclusive content! Speaking of which, Chris also visited the launch of the Clixta app this week. It’s a great new way to share and discover old photographs. We discussed with the founder ways in which we may be able to add functions into our heritage app; could be an exciting new partnership. Here’s a shot Chris took on his travels!


For the last two days of the week, Dave has been out of office on a trip to Blackpool with NOSP sports coverage! He’s been testing his camera and vision mixing skills on 4 days of live sports events, it’s a step up from our usual bowls coverage, with some new vision mixing equipment to learn in the form of the tri-caster!

What We’ve Watched

Top Boy Season 1 (Mikaela)
If it seems excessive that I have watched an entire season of something in a week, don’t judge me because this only has 3 episodes. That’s shorter than watching a Tarantino film! I really enjoyed Top boy, it was a succinct 3-parter that still managed to develop a range of characters for me to love and hate. Good gritty British crime drama, with that edge of realism that I have come to expect from Channel 4.


Everybody Wants Some! (Mikaela)
I was a little disappointed in this. Or rather, it was exactly as I expected it to be (a good, meandering, intelligent character piece from Linklater that gets the mood, tone and style spot on, but ultimately goes nowhere and is basically pointless), but I just hoped that it would be more. It wasn’t.. It did make me laugh though.


Arthur & Merlin (Darren)
Thus is a low budget indie made by some of our friends; a fantasy epic that is incredibly ambitious for a low budget film and still pulls it off!!!


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