In the run up to the first bank holiday of May (how is it May already!?) we’ve been having a busy week here at Blueprint: Film! You can catch up with what we’ve been doing, and read our film reviews for the past week right here, on this weeks round up blog!

 LEGO in London

Chris is still busy animating and editing away on our two major LEGO stop-motion films. Having had three weeks of practice on our LEGO animation for the National House Building Council, Chris is now well versed in the art of stop motion and is whizzing through our film for Kent County Council. This week he’s had fun smashing up LEGO cars (pictured below)! Meanwhile, the NHBC LEGO film is in it’s final phase! The sound is being tweaked, mixed and fettled to perfection (thanks to Clear Audio Media), VO recording is well on the way and with just a few final alterations to the special effects we’re working with the PR team to pull off a fantastic launch!


What’s Happening in Lincoln?

This week Mikaela has been busy laying the foundations for our upcoming Japan Festival! Following on from the success of last years festival, we’ll be hosting another in February 2017 half term! We’re looking at some exciting collaborations with great venues across Lincoln, as well as an amazing range of artists and practitioners to take part in the festival! Check out our summary video of last years festival below:

Speaking of Japan Festival, Dave has been busy planning the production of a short film we’ll be making to premiere at next years festival. Dave’s finally managed to convince the team to let him make a martial arts film, and he and Mikaela have been working with a local Aikido school to develop the film ready to shoot this weekend!

The Lincoln office also headed up to Barton Upon Humber again this week, to shoot footage for the App we are making in collaboration with The Ropewalk in Barton. The app will showcase the heritage of Barton, and take users on a walking tour of it’s fantastic historic spots, using geo-location mapping to pin-point their location and provide historical content and information on the area as they explore! Dave and Mikaela headed into the town to conduct an interview for the app, and dig up some original photos!

What We’ve Watched

Vigilante (Dave)
Twice!  It’s awesome!!  Everybody should watch it!!  Yay! (Our debut feature film, Vigilante is finally out of post-production and ready to be premiered!!)


Anomalisa (Dave)
Being a big animation and Charlie Kaufman fan, this was probably my most anticipated film of the year and it didn’t disappoint.  It’s a fairly bleak but quietly funny account of one man’s frustration with the mundanity of life and how one woman stands out from the crowd, helping to break him out of his depression.  The film manages to be unusual and surreal yet incredibly human and natural at the same time.  The film has all but the central two characters voiced by the same person (the great character actor Tom Noonan) which took a few minutes to sink in and threatened to annoy, but that was the point and once the lead character Michael Stone (voiced by David Thewlis) met Lisa (voiced by Jennifer Jason Leigh) it all clicked into place.  The end is very abrupt and I felt like I wanted more because of this, but I think that’s largely because the film sucked me in so far that I could have stayed in its world for hours.


Anomalisa (Mikaela)
What a lovely and human film. Probably the most honest and realistic portrait of human nature, and somehow it was told entirely through tiny puppets. I agree with Dave that this film felt very abrupt, but I only give the filmmakers credit in creating a feature length that was so captivating that it felt like this story was just the beginning. Fab.


Grizzly Man (Mikaela)
Docs like this make me want to watch more documentaries. It’s just an incredible and unique story of one man who somehow, incredibly, managed to live unharmed (for some while) amongst bears. What a unique and interesting character, and a heartwarming doc not only about it’s protagonist, but about the joys of filmmaking.


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