With Darren and Dave both on leave this week, Mikaela and Chris have been especially busy holding down the fort in our Lincoln & London offices! Find out what they’ve been busy with here, in this weeks Round Up Blog!

Chris has been deep in post production of our LEGO film for the NHBC this week, we’ve got full cut ready to go and it’s currently have some music magic sprinkled over it by our friends at Clear Audio Music in Lincoln. We have also had our latest LEGO set arrive for our new film for Kent County Council ready to head straight back into stop motion mode next week!


Mikaela has had a busy (and lonely) week in Lincoln juggling all the work of the office while Dave enjoys his holiday in Finland! She’s started the week with two days of live web-streaming from Lincoln Bowling Green. Blueprint: Film offer vision mixing and live webcasting for a range of events, and regularly cover a range of sports events across the country!

Mikaela has also been busy planning our Japan Festival 2017! She popped across from our office in The Terrace to The Collection Museum and Usher galleries, to see the amazing spaces they have to offer! She’s also been looking at some really exciting theatre and music options that will inject some lively culture into the city! Keep your ears and eyes open for announcements and confirmations for the festival!

We’ve also been busy with our community film courses in collaboration with Genesis Housing Association in Woodberry Down this week. We’ve shot 3 short films with local residents of all ages and over the next few weeks Mikaela will be editing the footage ready for them to be screened to the Woodberry Down community!

What We’ve Watched

Eye In The Sky (Mikaela)
Wasn’t sure if I was going to like this, afraid it would stray into the pointless propaganda territory of American Sniper, but I was pleasantly surprised. The film presents a relatively unbiased look at the use of drones, the effects they have on everyone involved, and the stages of approval required for their use. The film had just the right level of British humour, mostly put in play by incredible performances from the cast; Helen Mirren & Alan Rickman are both outstanding. But Eye In The Sky also seemed to want to just present all the facts, and all the different points of view, forcing the audience to consider the moral standpoint themselves. It didn’t really pick a side with it’s conclusion, but it did pose the question to it’s audience. It makes you think, and that’s a positive.


Green Room (Mikaela)
This isn’t out in the UK and I actually feel privileged to have seen it. That’s how much I enjoyed it. It played at Odeon’s Scream Unseen horror evening, the screen was packed and it was fantastic. I’m a fan of Blue Ruin, and this was a similar tone and format, but pushed to the limits. In both films the director has an incredible ability to relentlessly build tension, and trap characters in impossible edge-of-your-seat situations that are consistently original. His films aren’t like many other things I’ve seen and I appreciate that, he puts a spin on simple ideas to make them unique. Green Room is not for the feighnt hearted, it’s grislier than I expected, and it doesn’t flinch in the face of graphic violence. But it’s also a feast for the eyes, creating colourful and exciting visuals with one location.


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