It’s been a busy week here at Blueprint HQ – isn’t it always! But we’ve been beavering away particularly hard this week with our current top projects!

Down in the London office it’s been business as usual for Chris and Darren who have continued on with the long process of stop motion animation, for our LEGO film for the National House Building Council. This week Chris finished off the main bulk of shooting and has started cutting everything together in the edit suite! As we move closer to the films launch, we’re keeping imagery under wraps, so you’ll have to use your imaginations for now, but we can assure you that it’s looking pretty fantastic!

Over in Lincoln, Mikaela has also been chopping away at footage in the edit suite! She’s been working on two of of our projects with our community arm Blueprint: Film Foundation; firstly putting the finishing touches on ‘Penge at Night’ a film made by young people in Penge as part of Film London’s ‘London: A Bigger Picture’ project. The film is a short documentary where the young people share their experiences within Penge, and what they love about the community there. Later on in the week, Mikaela started editing another community film, created by students on our Blueprint: Film Academy course in Woodberry Down. The course is funded by Genesis Housing Association, and allows local residents of all ages to learn new filmmaking skills and proved them with the opportunity to create their own shorts. Mikaela has been busy editing ‘Home’, the first of three shorts to come from the course this term!

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On Wednesday, Mikaela and Dave also carried on working on the Barton Heritage App that we are making in partnership with The Ropewalk. Mikaela had previously used her spidey-senses to track down one of the few remaining people that actually worked on the Humber Ferries travelling from Barton and New Holland into Hull – Martyn Ashworth. The ferries were the main point of travel and a huge part of Humberside life until they stopped running in 1981, the day the Humber Bridge opened. Martyn met Dave and Mikaela this week for a video interview to go into the App, thankfully it was a gorgeously sunny day and we were able to film out by the waters. Martin also popped into the office with a treasure chest full of fantastic photographs from his time on the ferries. The pictures will make a wonderful addition of content to the App and will allow users to get a real understanding of what those ferries would have been like.

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What We’ve Watched

Midnight Special (Mikaela)
I thought this film took an interesting take on something that we have seen before. I was surprised by it’s originality and I thought the cast was universally superb in their roles (mostly Michael Shannon, I love Michael Shannon). *SPOILERS* I have a bit of a personal vendetta against films about aliens. I hate them. I think it’s something to do with too many childhood screenings of ET, but the last thing I wanted was for this to be another cheesy alien flick where he shoots up in a beam of light at the end, and to my relief it wasn’t. Well it kind of was, but they put a unique – and pretty exhilarating – spin on it. I think it worked.


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