April is here! And it seems it’s brought it’s usual bought of showers, which spelled trouble for Dave and Mikaela this week. We’ve been hunkering down with some big projects which as meant we’re been busy little bees! Find out what we’ve been up to in this weeks Round Up Blog:

Hunting Down History

Dave and Mikaela ventured out of the comfort of our Lincoln office this week on a day trip to Barton-Upon-Humber! They’ve been bust rounding up historical facts, did-bits and stories for our upcoming heritage app. The app is being made in partnership with The Ropewalk in Barton – a cultural hub based in the historical site of the old Ropery – and will use geo-location tagging to lead users on a historical walking your of the town. As users arrive to different historical sites, the app will unlock content; audio clips, video reconstructions, text and images, so that the user can gain a rich understanding of the sites history! Dave and Mikaela met with a couple of local history buffs and explored the town, taking note of their location co-ordinates as they went along (for the technical bit of the app).  They even found a couple of brief breaks in the rain clouds to take some pretty photos of the locations.


Fun in London

Up in the London office we’ve had an unfathomably busy week. Well maybe not unfathomably, but it’s been pretty darn busy. Chris has been furiously animating tiny LEGO characters, and is beginning to truly understand what the Anomalies filmmakers must have gone through. However the LEGO film we’re making for the National House Building Council is well on it’s way, and our second LEGO film for Kent council (we just really do love LEGO) is starting to take off!


It’s not all been gruelling though, as Darren managed to make time for some company video-gaming! If you follow us on Twitter you may have seen some of our posts about our Mario Kart Tournament yesterday! Darren has been working hard in partnership with Unity PR to host an East vs West London Nintendo showdown in Clerkwell (Little Italy, obviously). The event was one of London Games Festival Fringe events and was a huge success, totally selling out by Tuesday! Beers were drunk and bananas peels were thrown, and somehow Darren managed to win his own tournament; where is the justice in that!


What We’ve Watched

Kung Fu Panda 3 (Dave)
Yes this is pure cookie-cutter fluff and a sequel that didn’t need to be made, but I have to say I really enjoyed it. I think a big draw was the style of the film. Like the other Kung Fu Panda films it looks gorgeous, and not just in the ‘oh those CGI graphics are impressive’ sort of way. The film mimics the look of manga and anime as well as classic Eastern art to create a visual feast with more character than most animated films. The other reason I enjoyed it is because I’m a huge martial arts movie fan and the action scenes in this are a lot of fun. So yeah, it’s not big and it’s not clever, but it did the trick for me on a Saturday afternoon.


Over at Blueprint Review:

Ran: Akira Kurosawa’s epic masterpiece gets re-released in a new 4K restoration:

Three Days of the Condor:
Robert Redford gets paranoid in Sydney Pollack’s tense 70’s thriller:

Fear Eats the Soul:
David gets his first taste of Fassbinder (Rainer Werner, not Michael) and likes it:

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