News of the imminent heatwave hitting the UK this weekend has caused mayhem in the office; jumpers tossed aside, Beach Boys blaring out the speakers and ice creams for everyone!

Well, this is what we would be doing, but over the years we’ve grown skeptical of March; she swans in with her lighter evenings, sunnier disposition and cooler attitude, showing up February as the hostile diva she truly is, but come the middle of the month, we know her temperature will drop and she’ll soon show off her cooler side.

We’re on to you ‘March’….

Jumpers on. Ice creams away. Beach Boys off.

We began talks with Hoxton Hall in East London about an upcoming film club we will be running there. We were given the grand tour of their almost finished site by one of their regular participants, the now 14 year old had been going there since she was eight years old, proving that Hoxton Hall has a lengthy retention rate of participation, with music rooms, art facilities, dance studios and welcoming staff, we can see why; excited to start working with Hoxton Hall in the future! B_aTKXEWQAAOr_e

On Tuesday, Chris was lucky enough to shoot at 47-49 Tanner Street in London for Bacardi where they were promoting a new bottle and dark rum; he sent over some photos mid-shoot which made those of us still in the office very jealous.


See It Make It

We’re past the half-way mark with the Into Film Workshops in the East Midlands.

Students at Haven High story-boarded their film this week and are all set for filming next week!! B_KkaUoXEAA5yfd

The group at Spalding High were getting very resourceful, setting up their own green screen. B_Ql5MVWoAAQykX

On World Book Day, we were at the Blue Skies Anxiety Group in Spalding, documenting their craft workshop to make some prickly companions, the group made some pretty adorable Hedgehog Books…although I’m not sure the authors would be too impressed.


We’ve been putting our live-streaming skills to good use by expanding our range, here’s a sneak peak into the world of Castleford.

Rubgy Workshop Streaming



Sadly, the team were a bit behind on film watching this week, in saying that there’s plenty that we want to watch

Top of the list:

Still Alice

Why? Because of the tender subject matter and the ever-brilliant Julianne Moore who constantly proves her value as a screen actress despite their being a perceived lack of space of women of a certain age.


Catch Me Daddy

Why? Because of the genius marketing that has shown a lengthy clip of a dance sequence (choreographed by FKA Twigs), the street casting that has brought the captivating Sameena Jabeen Ahmed to the big screen and the Ted Hughes friendly scenery.



Why? Neill Blomkamp’s latest puzzler, staring Hugh Jackman, a Robot and South African rap duo, Die Antwood (Someone’s fantasy dinner party just got promoted to the big screen).


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