This week we’re pleased to announce our first new project with Kent County Council as part of our new 3 year creative framework agreement with them. We’re working on a 30 sec film and social network strategy to highlight and explain the newly introduced Consumer Rights Act and what it means for the general public. Following our current work with LEGO for the NHBC we felt it was the perfect fit for this concept and the client absolutly loved the idea! So Chris has transformed into our resident LEGO animation extraordinaire until May. Living the dream.

Darren and Chris had a fun excursion this week, at the launch of Nokias OZO camera! The camera shoots and captures audio at 360 degrees, making it the ideal tool for VR filmmaking. Now we’re not about to hand over all our hard earned Blueprint pounds to purchase one, but we’re tech-loving nerds at heart and the range of possibilities that VR brings to filmmaking and video production does excite our bones. Chris and Darren had a whale of a time playing with VR headsets and dreaming up a world of VR possibilities.


Up in the Lincoln office Mikaela and Dave have had a busy week of crazy editing! Mikaela has been making excellent use of her beautiful new iMac, to cut together a short film made by young people at Blueprint: Film Academy’s Film Club at Hoxton Hall in Hackney. If you saw our Project Focus blog on Tuesday,you’ll have read a little about this already! Mikaela rounded up all the footage the young people shot for their short horror film ‘Final Rehearsal’ before editing it down to meet the very tight deadline ready for it to be screened Wednesday! Laura lead the film screening in the Hall – which also happens to be the films main location – and it was really well received by the community! The Film Club will be moving into it’s second term soon, and our young participants are already bursting with ideas for their next short film!

Dave has been fully immersed in creating a presentation video for the Lincolnshire Homeless Strategy Group to be screened at a national conference, then made available on the group’s website.  The video looks back at the challenges and successes of the group over the last year and casts an eye towards the future too.


What We’ve Watched

Perfect Blue (Mikaela)
I watched this in preparation for the Japan-themed short film I’m making. To get a better feel for Shitoshi Kon’s work! I’ve been meaning to watch this for ages because I’m a fan of Aronofskys work and I’ve heard about how his work has been heavily influenced by Kon. You could definitely see the similarities! Perfect Blue was a little bit bonkers (which I expected) but I loved the sense of surrealism and the way Kon can so seamlessly blue the lines of reality, dreams and imagination with his heavily stylised animation.


The Witch (Dave) – Now this is my kind of horror film.  Sparse, classily presented, hugely atmospheric and well paced with a nasty early scene to get your attention, then a slow build towards a disturbing finale.  It often cuts away from some of the more brutal violence, but effectively so, letting your imagination do the rest and using shrill intense music and oppressive cinematography to unsettle.  My only complaint would be that the younger actors occasionally sound a bit clunky when working with the literary sounding period dialogue, but I got used to it after a while and the film is so effective as a horror, I forgave it it’s flaws.


The Witch (Mikaela) 
I absolutely loved this. I struggle with horror, finding it disappointingly cheese-tastic more often than not. I simply can’t handle seeing anything supernatural or monstrous onscreen without thinking it to be utterly ridiculous. I much prefer a film to rely on it’s atmosphere, mood and tone than cheap scares and ridiculous imagery. This was spot on, creating a dreary grey look that complimented it’s constant impending-doom feel. There was one slightly cheese ‘scare’ moment, but it was necessary for the plot and they pulled it off well, fitting it into the tone of the rest of the film. The ending was also spot-on, providing absolute logical reasoning for Thomisins choices (trying not to give the film away).


Hail, Caesar! (Dave) – This was a little disappointing as I’m a huge Coen Brothers fan but it felt like it belonged in the lower tier of their collection of work.  It’s not their worst and there’s much to enjoy in the film, but it all feels a bit cluttered and flimsy.  There are too many characters and plot lines to deal with, so none get the attention they deserve.  The audience just whizz past them as the Coens have fun homaging/parodying the styles of classic Hollywood.  It’s an entertaining watch, but very forgettable.


Hail, Caesar! (Mikaela)
Dave has pretty much covered my thoughts. I really wanted to like this, the cast was absolutely stellar and everyone performed immaculately. But the script didn’t give enough screen time to any one character for me to care about anyone at all. It felt like the film didn’t have a focus, which was disappointing because there were so many great opportunities for things to focus on. I expected a bit more from the Coen’s.


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