As always, we’ve been busy little beavers in our Bethnal Green and Lincoln offices this week. We’re so busy in fact, that we’ve been interviewing potential new additions to the team down in London today (good luck if you have an interview!) and CV’s have been arriving in Lincoln for a new intern there too. So it’s a pretty exciting time for us here at Blueprint HQ!

LEGO Fun and Games in London/Milton Keynes

Chris and Darren are still up to their necks in LEGO. Chris headed up to Milton Keynes again this week to visit the new housing estate that is forming the basis of our LEGO build.


Plus our master LEGO builder Gary Davis dropped by to give us out first test model of the LEGO architects office. And we’ve begun camera and animation tests.


Meanwhile, In Lincoln

David has started putting together the first of our Cambridge video game makers interviews. We were originally planning on producing a trailer for the series, but instead decided to work on the first episode and get it out there, so watch this space. It’s coming to a screen near you soon!

David also had a meeting with West Lindsey District Council’s Homeless Strategy team this afternoon. He’s going to be producing a slick, graphics heavy video alternative to a dreary powerpoint presentation for a conference they’re heading. If you want to replace your word art slideshow with a ‘state of the art’ (see what I did there) video, get in touch!

The most exciting news in Lincoln though was the arrival of Mikaela’s shiny new iMac (oooooh)! As you can see she’s pretty excited about the step up from her little 13 inch macbook, which was very much on it’s last legs. She’s been using the new tech to edit a short film shot by young people in our Hoxton Hall film club. The club is running as part of our Blueprint: Film Academy, providing free filmmaking courses and workshops to young people in London! Here’s Mikaela enjoying her new computer (and showing off her motivational work mug).

Mikaela with new iMac

Mikaela also started writing her script for our Japanese-themed short films. We’re making some short films with local groups in Lincoln to feature in Japan Festival 2017. You’ve heard of David’s Aikido film (if you keep up with this blog) and now Mikaela will be developing a short psychological drama based on the work of Satoshi Kon!

What We’ve Watched

The Peanuts Movie (David)
I loved a bit of Charlie Brown and Snoopy when I was a youngster, so I was delighted to see that although the style has switched to 3D CGI, the lovable characters and tone of the original Peanuts comics/films have been retained. The main plot, concerning Charlie Brown trying to better himself to win the heart of the Little Red-Haired Girl, is nothing new and very slight, but it’s well delivered and enjoyable. A fantasy side plot sees Snoopy and Woodstock taking to the skies to battle the Red Baron to win over the beautiful Fifi. This provides some thrills and flashy visuals for the less patient kiddies (and adults) in the audience. As a whole the film isn’t going to blow any minds, but it does a great job of recreating the feel of the source material and is consistently enjoyable. My two year old seemed transfixed by it, so the filmmakers certainly did something right.


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