Lots of great goings on in our Bethnal Green and Lincolnshire offices this week, we’re kicking off some really exciting projects and getting ready to complete and release some projects we’ve been working on for a long while now. Catch up with the goings on right here on this weeks Round Up Blog:

Serious work in London

Chris and Darren have had a joyous week continuing to revisit their childhoods on our film commission for the National House Building Council. The film, which involves a huge amount of lego building has received a finalised script and storyboard this week. We’ve also commissioned LEGO builder extraordinaire Gary Davis to create our amazing LEGO town for the film!

Lego S10

Chris has also been busy getting the design juices flowing in our product design project for new healthy oat-based breakfast drink ‘Porijj’. The drink is the latest release from Reasons Farm, who we’ve worked with on a range of projects before! Here’s a little preview of the design so far:

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 14.15.35

Busy In Lincoln

This week Dave is back from paternity leave! He had a week and a half off but could no longer handle the exhausting upbringing of both a newborn baby and a toddler, so he’s abandoned his family to rejoin us in the Lincon office!

This week (or half-week) Dave has been busy editing and amending the final credits of Vigilante. That’s right, our feature film is so close to release now we can practically smell it. Or we could if films had a scent. Hopefully ours will smell of success. (Sorry).


Dave’s jumped right back on the editing horse as he’s also been busy with 2 music videos this week. He’s editing the footage Chris shot last week, of new songs written and recorded by a Mental Health Support Group. As with all music video projects, the songs are etched into Dave’s mind and he’ll be singing along for weeks to come.

Mikaela’s had a little bit of everything on her plate this week, from finding musicians for (another) music video shoot as part of our Blueprint: Film Academy course in Woodberry Down, to hunting down a drone and 4K mirrorless camera for an upcoming shoot. Mikaela is the ultimate detective. She’s also been scouring Lincoln on the lookout for our new Intern – Blueprint: Film are employing again and we need a new intern for our Lincoln office. At the moment the role is exclusively available to Lincoln University graduates, but to find out more and apply for the role head to the Lincoln University Careers website.

What We’ve Watched

The Killing Season 1 (Mikaela)
I bloody love a good Nordic detective drama and this was fantastic. My only criticism is that perhaps it had a few too many twists and turns – though I remained captivated and pretty tense throughout, 20 hour long episodes is a lot to ask of a first season. There were so many times they’d almost discovered the killer, and I was ready to wrap the season up before realising there was like 10 episodes left. A bit too lengthy, but an enjoyable mix of family drama, crime drama and political thriller.


Deadpool (Dave)
Ryan Reynolds sells the character very well so his barrage of wisecracks and 4th wall breaking banter works a charm, but I found the film itself very bog-standard.  The core relationship which sets up Deadpool’s back story has a nice chemistry to it, but the story is hackneyed (*spoiler* save the girl finale – really?! *end of spoiler* ) and the set-pieces are pretty weak.  You can clearly see it didn’t have the budget of the bigger Marvel releases as it has kind of a cheap feel to it.  I didn’t like the way 2 very minor X-Men were shoe-horned into the film either.  They weren’t developed enough and just kind of showed up now and again. It’s enjoyable enough because of the humour and refreshingly brutal violence.  Reynolds’ strong performance makes it worth watching too, but I didn’t see what the fuss was about overall.  Guardians of the Galaxy did a much better job of shaking up the Marvel formula.



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