We’ve had a whole heap of things going on this week,  with big news for the company in & out of the workplace! You’ll have to read on to find out more, in this weeks Round Up Blog.

Down In London

Chris has spent most of his week swapping the comfort of our Bethnal Green office, in favour of travelling up and down the country! He started the week with a meeting at Kent County Council in Maidstone to discuss our new 3 year partnership with them to provide a range of creative services (exciting). We’re looking forward to working with them on a wide range of films in the future! Tuesday was spent at the annual BVE show at Excel attending some great seminars across all sections of production as well as geeking out over a shed load of cool new tech!


Later in the week Chris headed north to film 2 mental health groups record their tracks at the Scarlet Music Studio near Spalding. We’re going to be producing 2 videos to accompany the track, essentially recreating the Band Aid videos! It was great fun working with Liz and Wan during the recording and everyone had a great time producing the tracks.

This week Laura & Louis have been busy with our London Screen Heritage project in Bromley. The project is in collaboration with The London Screen Archives and Film London and we’re working with a group of local young people to look at existing archive footage of the Borough and develop a new short film about the areas heritage, and the Borough today. This week Louis let the young people get a hold of the camera, as they took him on a tour or their favourite spots in the area, showing him what Penge means to them.

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Up In Lincoln

It’s been a quiet week in the Lincoln office, with Mikaela starting out the week covering Dave’s live web streaming at Lincoln Bowls Club, and spending the rest of the week beavering away in an empty Lincoln office. Dave’s time however was taken up by his lovely new baby! Yes Another Blueprint baby was been born early Monday morning, so Daves enjoying his paternity leave with the family!

Mikaela’s been busy recruiting a new intern for our Lincoln office, so if your currently looking for media work in Lincoln, keep your eyes peeled on the Lincoln University Careers & Employability page for more details about that!

Mikaela has also been busy finding new collaborators in London on our Film Academy project in collaboration with Genesis Housing Association in Woodberry Down. We’re a few weeks into our filmmaking workshops with local residents and our participants want to make a music video and short documentary as part of their work on the course! Mikaela has been using her spidey-senses to track down local bands and groups that might be interested in working with us!

What We’ve Watched

The Man From Nowhere (Mikaela)
Oh how I’ve missed Korean film. There’s something about an extreme revenge thriller that just floats a girls boat, and this didn’t disappoint. This was perhaps slightly on the bonkers side; I’ve gotten used to the gritty realism of British crime thrillers of late, but it’s craziness was almost a necessity for the dark and twisted storyline (there’s only so much a person can take). Visceral and stylish, worth a watch if you’re a fan of the Korean-revenge genre.


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