It’s been a fantastic week across our studios in Lincoln and London this week! We’ve been revisiting our childhoods on some of our most fun filled projects! Find out more below, with this weeks Round Up Blog!

What’s been happening?

Remember last week we meniotned a slightly secretive commission we’d received from the National House Building Council? Well now we can tell you a bit more about it! This week we started pre-production on the LEGO animation. You heard right, LEGO animation! We’re super excited to be living our childhood dreams and paying the bills by playing with lego! It’s actually quite an ambitious but very exciting new challenge for us. Darren has finished the first draft of the script and Chis has been scribbling away in Bethnal Green starting work on the storyboards. Planning every scene in as much detail as possible is incredibly important with animation so we’re pulling out all the stops on this one. You can see some of our new friends below. Be warned – there will be an influx of LEGO based content coming from from Blueprint in the next few months!

LEGO intor image

Chris managed to tear himself from his LEGO long enough to jump on a train to Cambridge for a day of filming a new online video series looking in the success of independent game developers in the UK. We met some great people who have been incredibly successful in developing games for mobiles and Facebook. There were some really inspiring stories and we even managed to finish the day with a live orchestral performance of the Game of Thrones theme!  We’re looking forward to being able to share the full series later in the year.


We’re also very pleased to announce that a year from now, in February half term next year, we will be running another Festival of Japanese Culture in Lincoln! For now you can recap last years events with Mikaela’s visual summary:

What We’ve Watched

Creed (Mikaela)
My first Rocky experience, I watched this because I like Ryan Coogler and I like Michael B Jordan and I love Tessa Thompson. The film was good, probably not Oscars good, but it was entertaining and well acted. Coogler did a great job of making men punching each other interesting, emotional and intense. Nothing outstandingly memorable but worth a watch.


The Good Dinosaur (Dave)
This received a fair amount of critical flak on its release at the end of last year and I can see why.  The story is very generic and the script blunt.  It’s nowhere near as rich and inspiring as something like Inside Out.  However, I still found myself thoroughly enjoying the film.  If you can forget that it’s from the studio that brought us the Toy Story films and Finding Nemo, there’s still fun to be had.  It also looks staggeringly beautiful.  The backgrounds are pretty much photo realistic and depict some jaw dropping scenery designed to give the film the look of a classic Western.  The set pieces are exciting too and as always with animated films I welled up by the end (what’s wrong with me!)  So yes, I agree the film isn’t a masterpiece, but it’s worthy of more attention than its reputation suggests.  I don’t know what the hell they were thinking with that fermented plum drug trip sequence though!?


Over At Blueprint: Review:

A Touch of Zen (Dave)
This epic philosophical martial arts masterpiece was a huge influence on films like Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and House of Flying Daggers.

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