This week we’ve been travelling across the city of London with Blueprint: Film Foundation, starting our latest community projects! First up, Laura has been in Woodberry Down, where she hosted the first workshop in our 11-week course of free filmmaking workshops for young people aged 18-25. The project is being funded by Genesis Housing Association, who are regenerating the local area and provides free access to arts and an Arts Award Qualification for local residents.  After the course finishes we’ll also be doing a community screening, where the students can watch their films on the big screen with their friends and families. Find out more on the website.


Laura has also been in Hackney this week, teaching young people aged 14-21 in a second series of free filmmaking workshops; ‘Hoxton Hall Film Club’. The younger group are also benefiting from free access to arts and gaining an Arts Award! This week they were looking at the best ways to shoot the scripts that they’ve been writing.

Our Screen Heritage Project also kicked off this week, with our new workshop leader Louis Hudson taking the wheel. The project is in collaboration with Film London and The London Screen Archives and we’ll be working with young people in the Boroughs of Bromley and Merton to look at existing archive footage of the local area, and transform it into a new short film. We’ll be working with the young people over the course of eight weeks, where they’ll have the opportunity to learn new skills as they shoot new footage and edit the films.

We’ve also had an exciting project confirmed in collaboration with the National House Building Council, we’ve been commissioned to create a new film for them, but we’re not giving you all the details just yet! Keep your eyes peeled for this fun project though.

What We’ve Watched

Steve Jobs (Mikaela)
Absolutely fantastic performances from Fassbender and Winslet, infant Kate probably deserves an award for simply putting up with Fassbender’s Jobs for the entire film. The script was well written and well directed too, and it kept me interested while watching, but unfortunately fizzled away immediately after. I really don’t have anything bad to say about, but it didn’t grab me.

Over on Blueprint: Review:

Nikkatsu Diamond Guys Vol. 1
Arrow begin releasing a new series of Japanese genre-movie box-sets, beginning with this fun selection of 50’s crime dramas.


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