In our second week back in the office, we’re well and truly back into the swing of things here at Blueprint! Both the Lincoln and London offices have had a solid week flexing their creative muscles this week; find out more below:

Fighting Fit in Lincoln

Mikaela and Dave had a meeting with Neville at Eiryukan Aikido in preparation for our aikido themed short film this week.  He taught us a lot about the martial art, which focusses on defence without badly harming the attacker (although if you watch Steven Seagal do aikido you wouldn’t believe that).  We’ve spent the last day or two thinking up aikido inspired storylines.  David is particularly excited by the project as he’s a die-hard martial arts movie fan. The film is one of two shorts that we have received funding to make with local community groups. News on the second film to follow shortly!

We’ve also been writing funding bids and attending meetings about the forthcoming Flix in the Stix project.  Village hall committees have been lining up in their droves this week, all desperate to get signed up to our mobile cinema service.  We’re going to be starting with 8 villages, but the way things are shaping up this will likely expand further across the county over the next year or two.  We can’t wait to start spreading the joys of attending the cinema to rural villages cut off from access to such services.

Learning in London

Darren has been working with Shooting Fish Theatre Company on a Chinese production this week; he’s been absorbing as much knowledge as possibly researching ancient folk tales and theatre styles before the project heads into development next week. It’s still early stages, but hopefully the beginning of something really exciting later in the year.

 Laura has started our East London Youth Film Company in partnership with Hoxton Hall and Hackney Council as part of our new Blueprint Film Academy. The first session went fantastically and the first film will be completed by March, and there’ll be lots of news to follow about how the project grow in the future.

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Our Swanky New Showreel:

Chris has had a fun week trawling through our video archives to find the best of the best clips, and edit them into a sweet, snappy showreel that showcases what Blueprint is all about. Watch the video below:

What We’ve Watched

Making A Murderer (Chris)
I lost my weekend and most of my sanity to ‘Making a Murderer’… If you haven’t seen it, what have you been doing?! It’ll send you utterly crazy, you’ll want to punch the screen but you will NOT be able to stop watching.


Diary of a Teenage Girl (Mikaela)
I thought this was a super refreshing coming-of-age tale that didn’t shy away from addressing female sexuality on screen. It’s controversial subject matter isn’t taken lightly but is also addressed in an honest way that manages to keep the film a bright-eyed and genuine representation of youth. I also absolutely loved the involvement of the illustration and graphic novel imagery.


The Hateful Eight (Mikaela)
Surprisingly, I didn’t get fidgety. I went into the film having decided that the 3 hour running time was unnecessary, obscene and inconsiderate of us weak-bladdered folk. Perhaps this predisposition is what caused me to think otherwise. The film was brass and ballsy in true Tarantino fashion, with fantastic performances from all the usual suspects (plus a surprise appearance from Channing Tatum). The film was just twisty enough to hold my attention, refreshing the plot in all the right places and complimented by a startling soundtrack. Perhaps this is not at the level of some of Tarantino’s earlier work, but the film is still a solid piece of entertainment. (Though perhaps just over my threshold for needless graphic violence).


Battles Without Honour (Dave)
I watched the entire 5-film Battles Without Honour and Humanity series, from the director of Battle Royale, Kinji Fukasaku. Read my full, epic write-up over at Blueprint: Review.


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