It’s the last week of the glorious month of February; she brought blue skies, sunlight, pancakes and, most importantly, Frank Underwood’s return. Slightly cruel for Netflix to release the entire 13 episodes of House of Cards on a Friday… How are we supposed to concentrate when the leader of the Free World is running us into a Machiavellian Playground?

The answer to that burdensome query rests within the remaining text of this blog.


Blueprint has had a busy busy February, and this week was no different.

We’re halfway through our See It Make It workshops in the East Midlands with Into Film; the work is being completed at a cracking pace by the young participants. They were in the midst of creating their storyboards this week, furiously writing away about unicorns, marshmallows, Monster Munch, X-Factor, puppies, Ant & Dec, The NHS… or whatever it is that young people think about…



Started work on a Lincoln project tackling Islamaphobia this week, research has been hugely interesting so far; we went to an inter-faith event in Lincolnshire early in the work and have confirmed the project start date in April, where we will create a live multimedia performance with Lincoln-based Shooting Fish, and make a documentary on the whole project, leading into a 3 year programme.

Dave worked with 12 teachers from Castledyke Primary School in North Lincoln, teaching them how to make movies on their iPads; They created some hilarious spoof trailers and mini stop motion movies using LEGO.

We had our first day of shooting on the EYS (Education and Youth Services) strand of the Awards for All project, we shot at the Theatre Royal in Lincoln which is supposedly haunted by a number of spirits, which should make for some excellent inspiration for our Ghost Walk App.

We’re about to embark on a mammoth editing spree for NCS , although Dave spent the morning turning the office into a green screen studio ready for filming Marvellous Me on Sunday. 

We re-recorded some dialogue for the film we’re making for a charity for the homeless; this included directing our actress over Skype due to Darren’s inability to be physically present – nothing can stop the omnipresent Darren from having his say.

Rebecca had her first outside expedition this week, getting to leave the sacred office and venture into the wide world.She documented a heritage project run by East London’s Hoxton Hall at Clapton Girls Academy, which looks at the historic role of working women and the men in their lives.



We also found time to head over to the broadcast and production technology event, BVE at Excel this week. We love a bit of BVE action, you can get your ‘geek’ on and chat codecs and sensor sizes without people giving you a disbarring blank expression. The main reason we go is to play with big boys toys, (or essential technical research) getting hands on with some of the latest film making kit out there, attending some very geeky tech seminars and generally expanding our knowledge and production kit budget! We heard an amazing talk from Philip Bloom on The Wonder List, can’t wait to see the full episodes.


We’ve been creating and pulling together digital content ready for rehearsals next week for the live tour of Marvellous Me; we were sent this by the animator on the project, Electrocuted Minion…. just a normal day at Blueprint.


What We Watched:

Chris watched the brilliant Edward Snowdon documentary, Citizenfour, which bagged best Documentary Oscar at last weekend’s Oscars. He’s now petrified he’s being monitored by GCHQ and enters his new totally forgettable 24 character password under a blanket… our suggestion of a cape wasn’t well received.


Something should have probably given this advice to poor Madge


From the Queen of Pop herself: “No more capes. Cape fear is over.”

Except if you find an invisibility cape and can hide in the corner of your office and watch Kevin Spacey’s glorious face.


Nailed it.


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